Arguments in favour and against the impact of computers in our society

SOLUTION: Simultaneous, remote access to patient data Multiple clinicians can access a patient’s record simultaneously from many locations. With the recent advent of secure data transmission over the web, clinicians can now review and edit patient records from anywhere in the world. Legibility of record Handwritten charts are notoriously difficult to read. On-screen or printed […]


Coding in the Second Dimension – Using Scratch to Learn About Exterior Angles I originally used this lesson in conjunction with the Hour of Code week, where we invited retired Professor, Stephen Garland, from MIT into our classroom to learn about coding and computational thinking. At the time, we were studying decimals in mathematics and […]

UNEB Support Files for UACE Sub – ICT Exams 2018 Released, Privately

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has today released this year’s Support Files for Subsidiary ICT practical papers S850/2 and S850/3, and uploaded them to the schools UNEB portal. Unlike last year where the supports files were uploaded to the public portal where anyone could download, this year the support files have been protected from the […]

A Day in the Life of a Computer Repair Technician

Boop! goes the sound of the TV as it switches itself on. It’s 6:00 am, the time at which I programmed the TV to go on. I spend the next 30 minutes bargaining with my body to get out of bed as I half attentively listen to the day’s news highlights on TV. I have […]

How to generate individual documents using Mail Merge Feature

Hallo, i have decided that i should try to give you a simple steps by steps procedure on the use of mail merge feature in Ms Word.  Step 1 Start by creating an excel file or database file a source of the information whose individual documents you are going to generate. Note that the first […]

UCC Schools ICT Clubs Pilot Program Making Great Progress

The schools ICT clubs pilot program which was started earlier this year by the Uganda Communications Commission saw the establishment of student clubs in 20 selected secondary schools. KAWA Uganda was outsourced by UCC to guide, lauch and oversee their functionality for one year from date of launch.

Hardware Tools Every School Computer Lab Should Have

Dumba Stephen

In the fulfillment of my duties as a Computer Lab technician at St. Peter’s SSS Nsambya, I dismantled computers and other IT equipment left, right and center on almost daily basis. Even with my full time schedule, I was often called upon by different institutions to help out on a few challenges in their computer […]