If you an IT professional and you feel you need to be more productive than ever, you shouldn’t deny the usefulness of hotkeys. They improve your everyday work and give an absolute boost in your productivity. These hotkey combinations will certainly come in handy for every user in in the windows family o/s. Pressing E […]

Keyboard Shotcuts – Continued

Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word F1 key: Get help on a selected command or use the Office assistant. Shift and F1 Key: Review text formatting. F2 Key: Move text or image. Shift + F2 Key: Copy text. F3Key: Insert an autotext entry. Shift + F3 Key: Change the case of the selected text. F4 Key: Perform last action again. Shift + F4 Key: Perform a Find or Go To […]

Keyboard Shotcuts, a tool every User should know

Key board shot cuts, a tool every computer user, wizard, geek, hacker e.t.c. needs. One thing I have realized is people say I am a very fast guy when it comes to typing and when I went home and I tried doing things the normal way I realized that I am always a very slow […]

How to HACK a windows Password Smoothly.

Shortly after yesterday’s post about password help and white hat hacking, I go to sleep only to wake up and realize that I had left a certain computer with a password I cannot remember. I quickly remembered my friends who were criticizing the post about Password HACKing.  I pulled out my Hiren’s Boot CD and […]

Invigilating Exams: A Lazy Man’s Guide

Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy man to do a hard job because a lazy man will find an easy way to do it.” As for me, I can sometimes prove to be very lazy thereby finding myself failing to respond to many tasks. However, over the years, I have noticed my weakness […]