Future Code Club inspiring teens to code and get creative with technology

Future Code Club is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to providing teens between ages 9 to 18 years access to computer programming skills through hour of code, after-school and weekend programs. Recently a team from Future Code Club found my contact as ITAU National Coordinator and sought an appointment to meet me to discuss about how […]

Why your school needs E-SchoolPlus

In modern world, where every sector is being modified by advanced technologies, how can education can remain untouched? This is the reason that massive level tech developments are taking place in educational sector. Most of the colleges, schools and educational institutions are opting for modern education model, where entire system is controlled and monitored with […]

NComputing vs Standalone PCs

In many computer labs in schools I have visited, I have received mixed reactions over the deployment of NComputing technology. In fact, some staff are even bold enough to tell me, NComputing is bad and not at all user friendly for school environments. Related: How to ensure your NComputing works forever. Related: Software every computer […]

Uganda: 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship participants

This year, I was privileged to be among the only 24 Ugandans selected to take part in the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. After arriving here in the U.S, we realised that some countries were given more slots than others. South Africa, for example had about 43, while Djibouti had only 7. From Uganda, I also realised […]

Database relationships not on syllabus and thus not examinable at UNEB: Why teach?

Many times I have seen several past papers, especially MOCK examinations with questions requiring candidates to create a database with more than one table and then create / establish a relationship between the tables. For example, check out Question 2 of this 2018 UNNASE Mock Past Paper CST 840/2. Several pamphlets and laboratory activity books […]

How To Manually Remove Viruses from a Flash Disk

When I got my Master Flash Disk from Steve at E-zone School of Computing I was more than excited and eager to try out all the software that was packed in it. I reached home and immediately plugged my flash disk into my computer. On opening the flash disk, all I could see where shortcuts […]

How to Make Multi Bootable Flash Disk

Apart from my job as a teacher, I have repaired computers and offered computer lab maintenance to a number of schools for over a decade now. When windows XP and Windows 7 were still popular, I would load my bag with many CDs and DVDs, each for a different purpose. I would have a Windows […]