Writing Strategic Plans for your department

As a continuation of yesterday’s piece about writing, I am giving you something small, but important. I have already heard that some schools have closed and most will close this week or next week. As the year comes to an end, we usually reflect on our plans, targets and most likely, start planning for next […]

A Quick Look at The New ICT Syllabus for Lower Secondary

New ICT Syllabus for lower secondary

The government of Uganda through the National Curriculum Development Centre has finally released the new ICT syllabus for lower secondary. The new syllabus replaces the old Computer Studies syllabus which was last updated in 2008. According to NCDC, this syllabus is touted to be skills based as opposed to the old one which was knowledge […]

Writing, and my dream to have a newspaper column

I am writing this at 21:30 Ireland time. Today, I want to share with you the importance of writing and my dream for a newspaper column. You see, there is a saying that goes that, “when you want to hide something from an African, you put it into writing.” Back then, Africans were not reading […]