About Us

The ICT Teachers Association of Uganda (ITAU) is championing the noble cause of promoting computer literacy through continued empowerment of ICT teachers as change agents. One planned avenue is through organization of several national and regional workshops and seminars. ICT is a highly evolving subject and through such workshops, ICT Teachers get a chance to share new knowledge and continuously improve their skills and capacity for teaching ICT and managing ICTs in schools.

Through ITAU, the ICT teachers countrywide are putting efforts and minds together to support each other to innovatively improve their methods of work and improve their capacity, thereby promoting ICT education, increasing computer literacy and bridging the digital divide in Uganda. The teachers have an established network linked through several chatrooms and mailing lists with over a thousand contacts and keeps growing daily.

ITAU has an executive committee which was democratically voted during past workshops and additional elections were conducted online. The coordination office of the association is located within Kololo Senior Secondary school, the national in-service training center.

ITAU has also started up a SACCO for the members, as a joint project for financial sustainability of the association.