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Program, Speakers, Directions to National ICT Teachers Capacity Development Workshop at Trinity College Nabbingo, 19th-21st April 2022

Highlight: We have invited key resource persons and officials to share information and resources needed by teachers to guide student projects and prepare learners for DIT occupational assessment as laid out in the new curriculum. We shall also have practical hands-on sessions on setting up computer networks (LANs), website design and publishing, and computer practical applications

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Embracing BYOD Policy is key for ICT Integration in Uganda Schools

Many teachers have always fronted the lack of computer labs/ICTs at school, as main reason for failing to Integrate ICT even when ministry of Education has already adopted ICT Integration across all subjects in the curriculum. A BYOD policy can be developed and applied as a timely solution in this POST-COVID19 era, where many learners are digital natives, thereby embracing 21st Century Education trends!

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