Call for Sponsors: ICT Teachers’ Computer Repair & Networking Workshop at Makerere College School

A recent survey showed that many teachers of ICT are not conversant with solving common problems in the computer lab. This inaugural hands-on workshop seeks to solve this by taking them through basic computer repair and networking.

The ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda has organised a technical workshop for teachers of ICT and computer lab assistants scheduled to take place on the 9th of July 2022 at Makerere College School.

Basing on recent research and the conversations held on several teachers’ platforms, there is growing evidence that many teachers of ICT lack the basic knowledge in dealing with common technical problems in the computer lab.

The ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda therefore, in its efforts to counter this trend has organized a 1-day purely hands-on workshop where teachers of ICT & computer lab assistants will practically learn how to;

  • Install Windows Operating systems and all software
  • Setup and maintain a Local Area Network
  • Manually deal with viruses using command prompt
  • Recover accidentally lost data from Hard Drives and flash disks and more

The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Dumba Stephen a teacher of ICT with more than a decade of experience in computer repair having worked as a school computer lab attendant for several years. Mr. Dumba has visited hundreds of school computer labs across all regions of Uganda and brings with him a wealth of experience.

Call for sponsors

The ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda seeks to partner with like minded entities that could help make this workshop a success through sponsorship. Sponsorship will help oganisers provide more resources like network cables, RJ45s, crimping tools and more video tutorials that will be used during the workshop. Sponsorship will also help bring more facilitators on board in order to reduce the workload on the facilitator resulting in better delivery of the day’s content. Subsequently, a well trained attendee will be of great benefit to their schools which will help them reduce the cost of computer lab maintenance.

Sponsors will feature in the step-by-step booklet that will be given to the workshop attendees and also feature on the certificate that will be awarded at the end of the day. Sponsors will also feature in the step by step videos that will be shared on the ITAU Master Flash that each participant will take home for revision purposes.

How to sponsor

Sponsors who wish to be part of this workshop should reach the workshop coordinator on 0772 111223 or 0752 111 223. Alternatively, the coordinator can be reached by email on projects@ictteachersug.net.

Videos and pictures from the facilitator

As the ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda, we stay committed to working together to reduce computer illiteracy and opening up more opportunities for members through workshops, seminars and excursions.

Stephen Dumba is the National Coordinator of the ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda. Besides teaching ICT, he repairs computers and builds websites. Steve is a speaker and facilitator at tech events and and CEO of senior1.org and a consultant on education technology.

Tel: +256 772 111 223 | +256 752 111 223 | Email: stephen.dumba@gmail.com