Constitution Review almost ready ahead of ITAU Registration

Thank you Mr. Gobera Paul, Mr. Ssensalire Rajab, Mr. vinOne and all members who reviewed and gave your input on our first draft constitution. We recently had a physical meeting as the NEC and also contracted Mr. Ssemanda Fred, a lawyer, to additionally review the constitution and help us with legal issues pertaining the registration of the association. The chairperson and vice will give a detailed update on the progress. Please download the current edited version of the draft constitution below. Feel free to give any additional comments for consideration below. We shall also need your signatures, we hope by saturday everything should be ready.

PDF Version: UITA-CONSTITUTION-2018-2nd-Draft.pdf (247 downloads )

Word RTF Version: UITA-CONSTITUTION-2018-2nd-Draft.rtf (158 downloads )

Word DOCX Version: UITA-CONSTITUTION-2018-2nd-Draft.docx (218 downloads )