Cyber School: Your Child’s Ultimate Learn at Home Solution that Requires No Internet

The Corona virus pandemic has adversely disrupted education not only in Uganda but the world over. Here in Uganda, schools were closed in March, 2020, half way the first academic term of the year.

A pandemic everyone thought would take a month or two to recede is only worsening with Uganda’s current count coming close to 10,000 and over 80 deaths.

These unprecedented times have led to a rise in demand for remote learning solutions from schools and parents. Previously unknown tools like Zoom, Teams and Google Classrooms are now part of every parent’s, educator’s and student’s vocabulary.

But in Uganda where the average cost of data stands at 4.6 USD per GB, constant access to the remote learning services mentioned above becomes a problem. The last time I attended a zoom session, I spent close to a GB of data in 2 hours. Besides the cost of internet, internet penetration in Uganda stands at a mere 24% according to statistics on Data Reportal.

Even when data is available, the speed and consistence of the connection is sometimes wanting. This leads to interruption during sessions. Putting all these together makes the process of online education expensive yet unreliable.

It also must not be ignored that even when the online education is facilitated by an institution, the skills to use the ‘new’ tools have to be learnt or polished by the teachers, students and sometimes the parents. This calls for a more convenient way to study at home.

So, what options do learners and educators have?

Cyber School Technologies is one provider that has been offering Digital Science Lessons for O Level students for over 15 years with their product named Digital Science and Virtual Lab. With no option to match them, they are arguably Uganda’s leading provider of E-learning in secondary school.

Their robust and time tested solution doesn’t require internet and can be run on your personal laptop or deployed on a server based network in case of schools. According to their website, they promise to “make learning of science and mathematics enjoyable.

Students using Digital Science and Virtual Lab have access to entire content of O-level Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and a virtual science lab where students can do any science experiment just like they would in a science lab.

A sample video of one of the many videos in the package.

Cyber School Technology solutions through Digital Science and Virtual Lab has trained over a million students from schools like Kibuli Secondary School, Makerere College, Namilyango College, Trinity College Nabbingo, Nabisunsa Girls School, St. Peter’s SSS Nsambya, St. Joseph’s Naggalama and so many more.

How Do You Get Digital Science and Virtual Lab for your child?

Digital Science and Virtual Lab software is installed on a PC or laptop at a small fee currently 100,000 Ugx. This gives the student access to over 6000 animations and over 157 science lab experiments for the entire year. Parents, teachers and even students can reach them on 0787872524 OR 0707269200 or through emailat [email protected].

A section of their website showing you the number to call.

Best thing is it doesn’t require internet and will never experience any connectivity interruptions during the lessons. The student even has a flexible timetable as they can study or carry our lab experiments at any time of their convenience.

A Look at the Digital Science and Virtual Lab Interface

The login interface allows a student to log into call specific and subject specific content and therein the student can opt to either cover taught content or experiments within the four subject areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Where to find Cyber School Technology Solutions

Cyber School Technologies Solutions offices are located at UMA Show grounds in Lugogo, Nakawa where you can have Digital Science and Virtual Lab Software installed on your laptop. For those who may not be able to make it to their office, they can be reached on 0787872524 OR 0707269200 or emailed at [email protected]

If you wish to know more about CyberSchool, please fill in this form and a representative will get back to you.

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