Digital Mwalimu Project


While every sector and aspect of our lives is gradually going digital, a considerable portion of the education sector is largely being left behind in the use of ICTs. The few schools that have embraced the use of ICTs are continuously improving and therefore the gap between the early adopters and the rest is growing bigger.

The Digital Mwalimu Project therefore seeks to take select schools through a 12-month initiation and training in digital tools and processes that will help them discover and appreciate the role of these tools in teaching, learning and administration.


Each school will select 2 teachers who will be responsible for implementing their ICT Policy, infrastructure, online platforms and clubs. These teachers will be assigned an official from the ICT Teachers Association who will take them through the 12 months of the project. The project starts in September of 2022 and runs till August of 2023.


Schools under the Digital Mwalimu Project will get and actively manage their own:

  • Website
  •  eLearning platform
  • Bulk SMS account
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube account
  • ICT Club


  • 2 teachers with keen interest in ICTs
  • Registration fee is UGX 100,000/= (Per school) payable once
  • Facilitation fee of UGX 50,000/= payable monthly