Excel Charts: How to Create a 2-in-1 chart in Ms. Excel

In this example, I am going to show you how to create a 2-in-1 chart or simply a combination chart. You will create a list of 10 salesmen with the sales they made in a week versus the company’s targets. Below is what the chart could look like.

Step 1:         Select the entire table (From cell A4 to cell D14 in this case)

Step 2:           Go to insert and choose any column chart type.

You will get a column chart like the one below.

Step 3:           Right click on the bar whose type you intend to change (In this case the one for targets) and choose Change Series Chart Type.            
Click on the droplet next to Clustered Columns and choose a line graph (Or a graph of your choice) an click OK.

You will finally get a chart like the one below. You can clearly see those that achieved the target and those that failed.


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