Getting banned from whatsApp

Care killed the cat but Curiosity got me banned from WhatsApp, and I am at a loss of what to do, all because I changed a group title to “Child Pornography”

Whatsapp has a temporary and permanent ban, with a temporary block one can access WhatsApp open after the specified time limit, even if you uninstall 3-party one and install original one, it will not open unless the clock completes its tick.

On the other hand, a permanent block one can’t use WhatsApp at all.

There is a specific reason for which WhatsApp may ban you and some of these reasons include:

  • Sending bulk messages to unlisted contacts
  • Sharing website URLs and ad links for multiple times a day
  • Creating porn & adult-related groups and broadcasts
  • Blocking your WhatsApp number by many people
  • By uploading content status which is abusive or it may contain adult things.

However, if you have been using the original Whatsapp  and yet get banned, then mostly like you have :

  1. created groups and added people who didn’t have your contact and they reported you or
  2. send unknown people messages and get a reputation for being a  spam contact.

Whichever the case, your account will not be unbanned, since you violated the terms. It will be better to create another account and never send me a message.

In any case, you can try the following to get your account unbanned.

  1. Uninstall your existing WhatsApp
  2. Download and install new update Whatsapp
  3. Enter your phone number and on the next screen Click on “Support” option
  4. Now a contact support form is displayed and write your problem and add the screenshot of what it is showing.  Don’t forget to add your number
  5. Click “Next” and scroll down Choose “This does not answer my problem”
  6. Now send a support email using

After 4hrs, check your email inbox. you will get a WhatsApp reply.

If you still not getting back your Whatsapp account, it seems to be your number is permanently banned by Whatsapp.
You can use anti-ban WhatsApp applications like GBWhatsApp.

Conclusion: If you are still saying “WhatsApp banned my number permanently”, then I would recommend creating a new ID with the new phone number just as I did.