Most of the times fellow teachers ask questions in our Whatsapp groups and Telegram channels and we want to help but find ourselves limited to explanation. we realize it would be easier explaining to them with a visual aid. So with this situation, we leave them unattended to.
Today, I encourage you to install video recording software on your computer so as to record videos of you attempting the asked question, accompanying it with voice instruction. with this, we shall be able to create as many tutorials as possible.
some of the video recording software include;-

  1. ShareX
  2. Debute Video Capture
  3. ScreenFlow
  4. GoPlay
  5. Camtasia
  6. Screencastify, among others.

The video recording technic can be extended even to our classrooms, where we record tutorials which can be used by the students in our absentia or even send them to students during holiday or even the students you handle through e-learning.

Today, I share with you another Video Recording software called FastStone Capture which occupies close to 5mbs and its effective.

You can download the software below

Thank you.



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