Here’s more about Muntuyera High School, the host of the ICT Teachers 2-day retreat starting tomorrow

Muntuyera High School-Kitunga is one of the legendary boys only secondary schools in Ankole found in Ntungamo District. It has both ordinary and advanced levels of secondary education and it is located a few kilometers from Rwashamaire Town.

It is located 16 kms from Ntungamo town, on Rukungiri road to Rwashamaire Town Council. It is sitting on beautiful Kitunga hill, Kitunga cell, Rwashamaire Central Division overseeing the flora and fauna of Lake Nyabihoko. .

The school was founded as Kitunga Secondary School and opened on 03rd July, 1965 by the Omugabe of Ankole His Highness Nuwa Mbaguta.

On 21st July 1966, the Board of Governor’s meeting chaired by Bishop Rt. Rev. Kosiya Shalita changed the name of the school to KITUNGA HIGH SCHOOL, approved the school logo composed of a Crested Crane, a Lion, a Cow and a Pen writing in a book, with School Motto, “WE LABOUR FOR THE FUTURE”

In 1979, the school attained A’ level status. The school achieved a lot of growth in infrastructure between 1965 and 1969, supported by the IDA Project. This was greatly attributed to the efforts of the Late Enock Muntuyera, who was then Area Representative in Parliament of Ankole (Eishengyero). On 12th January 1985 the School was renamed Muntuyera High School, Kitunga in recognition of the efforts of the Late Enock Muntuyera.

Muntuyera High School-Kitunga started as a simple church school and it has grown into one of the best secondary schools in western Uganda thanks to its founders, the church of Uganda and the late Muntuyera who provided land to the church to construct Muntuyera High School-Kitunga. It begun its operation in the 1960S as a small mixed church school but more than 50 years later, its prestige still flourishes.

All students who graduate through its education system always merge as giants in whatever fields they happen to engage and in any institutions they always happen to be part of.

Muntuyera High School-Kitunga is nothing but a crown jewel of Ntungamo district’s education and has provided a perfect education platform to rank its entire engagements resourcefully especially when compared to any other schools’ students in Western Uganda. It is also one of the Regional Teacher Professional development SESEMAT Training centers.

Not only does Muntuyera High School-Kitunga excel, challenge, in education but throughout all necessary activities, from all academic performances to co-curricular activities and to the modeling of students through social welfare and wellbeing.
Old students of this school have proven high status in Uganda and beyond and have always proven their quality of exposure attained from Muntuyera High School-Kitunga even when it is after along period of time as old students.

Some of the notable old boys of this school include; Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe (Uganda’s Chief Justice), Justice Yorokam Bamwine (Retired Principal Judge), Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Muheesi and Mr. Enos Tumusiime (prominent lawyer & businessman) among others.

School Named after Gen Mugisha Muntu’s Father

Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu, born on October 7, 1958 at Kitunga village in present day Ntungamo District, Uganda, Muntu had his early education at Mbarara Junior School and Kitunga Primary School. He completed his O-Level at Kitunga High School, which was later renamed Muntuyera High School in memory of his father.

His parents Enock Ruzima Muntuyera and Aida Matama Muntuyera being confidants of President Obote and being state functionaries, gave Gen Muntu an affluent childhood.
“President Obote knew General Muntu very well. He used to ask what Gregory wanted and would wonder why he became a rebel,” a retired army officer said. His father, later died when Gen Muntu was in the bush fighting and he never returned to burry him.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu

The school also has great interest in promoting ICT education and has invested much in ICTs for students and teachers use.

One of the Computer labs at Muntuyera High School Kitunga.

More pictures available on the schools Facebook page:

How to get to Muntuyera High School from Kampala.

There are several buses in Kampala which you can use, but the ones which can take you directly are perfect buses heading to Rukungiri from Bakuli bus park. We’ve been charged 45,000 for bus fare

Author (Mukalele Rogers) travelling with Mr. Dumba Stephen (left) one of the facilitators for tomorrow’s workshop

You can also choose to board Global buses to Mbarara first, then later proceed to Rwashameire using taxi.

Details about tomorrow’s workshop are available in this earlier article