History [Updates Ongoing]

ITAU Historial Timeline

The outline below shows major historical developments concerning the background of ITAU, how it stared up to now.

Between 2011 – 2017: ICT Teachers connected through UCC Retooling Workshops.

Uganda Communications Commission conducted annual ICT teachers retooling workshops after realizing a shortage of ICT teachers yet ICT had been introduced at A Level. ICT Teachers from all over the country met at Kololo Senior Secondary School and as a result, a connected network of ICT teachers was formed, and ICT Teachers Facebook groups created.

Teachers in a practical session during the 2014 ICT Retooling workshop at Kololo Senior Secondary School. (See Detailed Report)

December 2016: UITA WhatsApp group created

The 1st WhatsApp Group for ICT Teachers was initiated by Mr. Nicholas Munyagwa (Mubedhe) and more members were invited to join through the earlier ICT Teachers Facebook group. The WhatsApp groups helped a lot in keeping the teachers in touch, sharing resources and chatting a way forward for the association.

Screenshot of Nicholas’ Post on Facebook on Friday 9th December, 2016 at 3:39 PM and Rogers’s Post in the ICT Teachers group at 4:19 PM same day, inviting ICT Teachers to join the WhatApp group.

March 2018: UITA Constitution Drafted

Through the WhatsApp group, the ICT Teachers discussed a draft constitution for the proposed Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA). Mr. Rogers Mukalele shared a format for the constitution based on another association he had been part of and the members discussed it section by section to come up with the second draft of the UITA constitution.

April 2018: UITA website launched

In April 2018, members in the saw the need for a joint website to be used by all members to share information and resources online. Then idea of starting up a joint website for ICT Teachers was greatly supported by the members in the UITA WhatsApp group, who had popularly been using Rogers’ Sharebility website for sharing lots of resources for teaching ICT and Computer Studies online. The members Wagubi Ronald Mukisa, Paul Gobera, Simon Peter Kanyike, Timothy Kiyingi, Hussein Najjuma, Richard Lugya, Nicholus Munyagwa, Tuume Brendan, Matovu Peter, Moses Wejuli, Bashir Markos I, Nantwasi Florence, Ronald  Eneku, Paul Bazira and Mukalele Rogers fund-raised for the initial cost of acquiring a domain name and hosting the website. Mr. Rogers Mukalele offered to design the website for the association, which was unveiled on April 19, 2018.

Screenshot of the UITA website on April 19, 2018
Screenshot of the UITA website on April 19, 2018

June 2018: Regional UITA Steering committees voted during MTInfotech workshop

For several years around June, MT- Infotech Limited, a Ugandan company registered in 2011, used to organise annual refresher workshops for ICT and Computer Studies teachers and it had established a wide network of over 500 teachers from all parts of the country. Mrs. Barbara Kayondo Tuhame, the Managing Director of MT- InfoTech Limited, was also an ICT Lecturer at University of Kisubi and was part of the UITA WhatsApp Group. She therefore shared an invitation letter for the 2018 refresher workshop with the group. The members in the UITA WhatsApp group requested MTnfoTech team to allow some time during the workshop to introduce the matters concerning the establishment of the association and the draft constitution to all attendees.

On Saturday 9th June 2018, over 200 teachers from all regions of the country attended the MTInfoTech workshop. Mr. Mukalele Rogers made a presentation on behalf of the UITA group and printed copies of the draft UITA constitution were distributed to the attendees for review. Members debated about the way forward and finally it was decided to first come up with regional sub committees for each of the four regions. The role of the regional sub committees was to continue mobilization of ICT teachers country wide in order to ensure that the association is fully, validly and legally registered, recognised and embraced nationally, and organise the first UITA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which the Fully Constituted UITA executive would be elected basing on an officially adopted constitution.

The following members [PDF] were voted in the following positions per region:

Western Region

ChairpersonTweheyo Edward0778644883
Vice ChairpersonOsere Samuel0784975474
Secretary GeneralNabumpende Annet0788631963
Assistant secretary generalMwijusya Alodu0772575299
Secretary for financeMuhangi Sebastian0783322437
Secretary for Projects, Activities and EventsBizimaana Diaz Robert0776484065
PublicityKahwa James0783975557

Northern Region

ChairpersonOgwal Sam0782345977
Vice ChairpersonOdongo Pope0772553941/
Secretary GeneralOgwal Moses0772360745
Assistant secretary generalOmara Morish0789954316
Secretary for financeLanyero Bena0705784339
Secretary for Projects, Activities and EventsSadik Sebi0775046801

Eastern Region

ChairpersonWogisha Denis07064579050
Vice ChairpersonWagubi Ronald0788212627
Secretary GeneralMateka Joseph0775718772
Assistant secretary generalOkalang David0782660081
Secretary for financeBiwoye Justine0755506364
Secretary for Projects, Activities and EventsMokili John Medo0757725493

Central Region

ChairpersonLukyamuzi Ronald0781553788
Vice ChairpersonSir Nicholas Mubedhe0787277011
Secretary GeneralWanja Bernard0772658752/0757658752
Assistant secretary generalEneku Ronald0704205057
Secretary for financeNambone Jackline0755395320
Secretary for Projects, Activities and EventsSsensalire Rajab0781425692
MobiliserNamubiru Joan0700402632
PublicityKirabira Vicent0705660299

September 2018: 1st CDW conducted with support from UCC, UITA becomes ITAU, Interim National Executive Voted.

On 5th – 6th September 2018, over 120 teachers from all parts of the country converged at Kololo Senior Secondary School for UITA’s first Capacity Development Workshop and AGM 2018. The workshop was organised by the UITA regional steering committees coordinated by Mr. Mukalele Rogers, then a teacher at Kololo SS (the host school). Through Kololo Senior Secondary School, Uganda Communications Commission RCDF department supported the workshop with UGX 4 million shillings which were used to subsidize accommodation and food costs for members.

Some of the workshop participants pose for a group photo.

The members unanimously resolved that the name of the association be changed from “Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA)” to ICT Teachers Association of Uganda (ITAU), since the former was rejected by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) – because only government owned agencies can be allowed to register entities with names starting with ‘Uganda’ or ‘National’.

Members also expressed the need to have a national executive which can urgently work on registering the association and also open a bank account such that the association can formerly start its activities and projects which can attract funding from partners.

Nominations followed and elections were held. The nominated members were allowed to briefly talk to the members before voting was done by show of hands. The table below shows the votes cast per post.

(i) ChairpersonVotes
Lukyamuzi Ronald30
Kakaire Charles43
(ii) Vice Chairperson
Lukyamuzi Ronald48
Ssemujju Henry3
Mahuro David6
(iii) Secretary General
Mubedhe Nicholasunopposed
(iv) Assistant secretary general
Ogwal Sam10
Maroni Rosemary37
(v) Secretary for finance
Nnaku Jackline26
Nambonye Jackline30
(vi)Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events
Eneku Ronald45
Ssebwatu Nicholas4

The newly voted national executive immediately held a meeting to discuss a way forward. They engaged Mr. Mahuro David, who had made some efforts in the past to form the association and had booked a name with URSB. He accepted to work hand in hand with the executive to avail the name he had booked and bring on board all the members that had backed him so that we are not divided into factions, but we are one body of ICT Teachers.

L-R: Mr. Kirabira Vincent, Mr. Eneku Ronald, Mr. Kakaire Charles, Mr. Lukyamuzi Ronald, Ms. Maroni Rosemary, Mr. Mateka Joseph, and Nambonye Jackline shortly after a meeting.

Mr Kirabira Vincent (originally the publicity secretary for central region) made a request to also work with the newly elected team in the same capacity, and the members accepted his request.  Mr. Mukalele Rogers, who had been acting as the national coordinator who also presided over the elections, promised to continue working with the executive as national coordinator and also as a website administrator of the association. It was also agreed that all the current chairpersons of regional committees remain part of the national committee as regional representatives.

The newly elected chairperson of ITAU, Mr. Kakaire Charles, then a teacher and Director of Studies at Busoga College Mwiri, thanked the members for entrusting him with the office, notably because it was his first time knowing about UITA/ITAU and had not been part of the earlier WhatsApp group where the idea was hatched and coordinated. He promised to work tirelessly with all members to address challenges, and to secure lasting and meaningful improvements to issues affecting Computer studies and ICT Teachers in Uganda.

November 2018: ITAU Constitution legally reviewed and registered at URSB.

The executive decided to hire the services of Counsel Semanda Fred of Tel No. 0701591006, a lawyer working with Baraka Legal Associated Advocates P. O. BOX 22492 Kampala, to review the draft ITAU constitution with a legal perspective and also help handle the registration process. The lawyer requested for UGX400,000 for the entire process.

The following table has the details of the members who made contributions through the treasurer:

NameTelSchool / AddressContribution
Charles Kakaire702840404Busoga College Mwiri50000
Jackline Nambone755395320Nsambya Emmanuel Coll. Kazo50000
Rogers Mukalele776960740Kololo SS100000
Florence Nantwasi777045836*10000
Kichui Shadrack Enock773749786Janan SS Bombo20000
Julius Nyendwoha776931367Light College Katikamu100000
Eneku Ronald704205057Uphill College, Mbuya40000
Ntale Denis771 063684Avema SS Mityana10000
Gobera Paul774261015St. Mary’s Nkozi20000
Backri Johnny Oluka783620824Morulem Girls SS – ABIM10000
Wanja Benard772658752St. Stephen Col Bajja50000
Atwine Solomon706449995Nsambya hillside high school10000
Kirabira Vincent708277580Children At Risk Action Network30000
Barbara Sacher782019140Luweero Diocese Education Department50000
Contributions from members towards ITAU legal fees.
Acknowledgement of payment of UGX 400,000 to the lawyer on 2nd Nov 2018

After the review, the lawyer called for an extra ordinary meeting with NEC representatives who agreed on the final amendments and also signed to adopt the constitution. The image below shows the details and signatures of the distinguished members who adopted the constitution:

Signatures of members who adopted the constitution of ITAU before it was registered by URSB

Three copies of the adopted ITAU constitution were made and submitted to The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). Madam Patricia Opoka Akello, the registrar at URSB approved our constitution and stamped it. 

Approved copy of the ITAU constitution stamped by URSB. Download full approved constitution in PDF here.

NB: At first, we had thought that the registration process of the association was complete at this stage, only to realize that we had only worked on the constitution and we had to complete registration of the association as a company limited by guarantee at a later stage.

November 2018: ITAU mobilizes members to attend WordCamp Kampala 2018

On behalf of ITAU, Mr. Mukalele Rogers partnered with the WordPress Community of Uganda to invite the members to a highly subsidized WordPress conference on Website Design, dubbed WordCamp Kampala which was held on Fri 23rd – Sun 25th November, 2018 at Hivecolab, Kanjokya House, Kamwokya, Kampala.

Web design is one of the topics on the O level Computer Studies Curriculum, but many of the teachers teach it theoretically, while others only end at creating basic static webpages, and cannot even support their schools in creating dynamic school websites or keeping them updated, which is why many of the schools just hire external companies to create websites for them, yet such a task would conveniently and cost effectively be handled by the school’s ICT staff internally.

Rogers Mukalele leading a session at WordCamp Kampala 2018

The 3-day conference was to empower teachers through:

  • Getting exposed to the latest trends and best practices in website development.
  • Sharing tips on leveraging on the power of the WordPress software to create stunning easy-to-update websites and completely customizing them in various ways.
  • Accessing great opportunities to get started with their own or their school’s websites free of charge, courtesy of the various conference sponsors.
  • Attending a special hands-on session for ICT teachers focusing on how to utilize to the joint ITAU website, which runs on WordPress.

Jan 2019: NEC Meets at Makerere, resolves to fill executive vacancies through online voting and start ITAU SACCO.

… [more details to be added]

Feb 2019: ITAU Sub regions established, Online elections concluded successfully, ITAU Executive expanded to 56 people.

…[more details to be added]

March 2019: First General Executive meeting held, ITAU bonafide membership and ITAU SACCO subscription started.

… [more details to be added]

March 2019: Online ITAU Shop started with auto Mobile Money payments Integration.

… [more details to be added]

March 2019: Great number of Members mobilised to attend WordCamp Entebbe 2019, ITAU shop payments demonstrated.

… [more details to be added]

April 2019: 400 registered members milestone reached, Over 60 articles on ITAU website. More platforms (Google Classroom, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Mailing list, and Telegram) created/boosted

… [more details to be added]

▪️ May 2019: Got ITAU Patron, 2nd CDW conducted, SACCO Training done, ITAU Tshirts Project started.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ July 2019: Western, Northern and Eastern rCDWs conducted and recorded on YouTube Channel, ITAU MasterFlash Project started.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ September 2019: Central rCDW conducted as a climax of 2019 rCDWs.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ November 2019: Members mobilized to attend WordCamp Kampala 2019, ITAU Website upgraded.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ December 2019: NEC Meets at Uganda House, resolves to kick start the process of getting ITAU registered as a legal entity.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ December 2019: NEC members submit 2020 workplan to UCC and patron, Patron requests compilation of comprehensive ITAU Database.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ January 2020: ITAU Database compilation completed, Over 916 unique contacts submitted to Patron.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ January 2020: ITAU National Whatsapp groups increased to 7 to accommodate new contacts in ITAU database, Telegram group also boosted with new contacts.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ January 2020: Established great relationship with NCDC officials, submitted ITAU members contacts for consideration for New Curriculum Training.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ January 2020: Got actively involved in promotion of the New Curriculum after many members attended the NCDC Master Training, attracting high traffic of over 12,000 visitors in the month on ITAU Website.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ February 2020: Executives Fund-raised and got ITAU registered at a company limited by guarantee on 14/Feb/2020 and got ITAU certificate of incorporation certified by URSB.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ February 2020: Approached Trinity College Nabbingo (SESEMAT Training Center) and they accepted to host the 2020 ITAU CDW.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ March 2020: Documented ITAU Projects and Activities.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ April 2020: Conducted first online Webinar, sensitizing members about working from home after schools had been closed due to COVID19, plus the dangers of spam which had become rampant on ITAU Forums causing urguments on the forums.

… [more details to be added]

▪️ April 2020: Created a new database for Primary School ICT Teachers and mailing list, and started discussions on developing a harmonized,suitable syllabus for teaching ICT/Computer Studies at Primary School.

… [more details to be added]

May 2020: Stared the ITAU Elearning Project, got over 1000 subscribers on ITAU YouTube channel

… [more details to be added]

June 2020: Started building network of Primary School ICT Teachers, Drafted and discussed proposed Primary School Curricullum with NCDC specialist

… [more details to be added]

June 2020: ITAU conducts several online zoom sessions entitled: “ITAU Entrepreneurship Series” on how teachers can survive amidst school closure and no salaries in times of COVID19

… [more details to be added]

August 2020: Concluded analysis on poor performance in 2019 Subsidiary ICT, published report on ITAU website involving submissions from ITAU members and examiners

… [more details to be added]

August 2020: ITAU played lead role during UCC ICT Trainings at Mbale SS, mobilized new members to join ITAU

… [more details to be added]

September 2020: Engaged Edify Uganda to partner with ITAU on Education Technology Training Programs, conducted TOT trainings for Inspirational Digital Teachers from ITAU

… [more details to be added]

September 2020: Conducted Edify Education Technology trainings in 9 schools in Jinja, Mukono and Kampala

… [more details to be added]

October 2020: Co-organised a Digital Safety workshop with Internet Society Uganda Chapter, several ITAU members trained at Makerere College School

… [more details to be added]

November 2020: Finally met the requirements for registration of the ITAU SACCO, submitted them to the ministry of cooperatives

… [more details to be added]

December 2020: ITAU SACCO successfully registered with Ministry of Cooperatives

… [more details to be added]

December 2020: ITAU represented during several NCDC New Curriculum activities, detailed progress report published

… [more details to be added]

February 2021: ITAU starts new program of championing creation of school websites and Edu Tech trainings for Edify Partner schools

… [more details to be added]

March 2021: ITAU mobilises members to attend Edu Skills workshop by Edu-Skills Consult, several members trained on use of Google Apps and technologies

… [more details to be added]

March 2021: Workshop for 24 Edu-Tech patrons conducted, 8 more Edify partner in-school trainings carried out, 1 school website launched

… [more details to be added]

April 2021: ITAU resumes plans of organizing deffered 2020 AGM, Elections and Capacity Development workshops (CDWs)