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Solomon atwine is a graduate from makerere university who holds a bachelors degree Of Business computing.

he attended any school like each human being in his teen age;

At the age of 15 he went to Muntuyera High school where he persuaded  his ordinary level certificate. during his four years he spent much of his time around the computer lab as he wanted to get close so as to get the basics of IT as a young boy from a poor background.

during his time  in the school he dreamt of being called of a programmer as I always wanted to know what was making a computer.

he cant forget the 5times he was found of breaking the law due to entering the lab without permission in wrong time.

after the release of Olvel results , no wonder he had broke the record of nobody getting a D1 in CST and became popular in the time.

in 2013 he went to A’level where he chaired the position if “ICT STARTS WITH ME’ I didn’t stop on that I was charged with maintaining the lab and identifying any fault within the nodes.

I later recognized that for a school to work was to have a website and inspired me to design my first website with wordpress  which I showed  the administrators but rejected my ideas.

after the departure of our ict teacher in 2014 3rd term iwas offered opportunity to tute the student as ai stood apposition ahead and organized the lab on that day. cant forget the fatefull day pics on the site.

in  my vacation I desided to join the army

Solomon in the army

later I deserted after being offered a course I wanted at the university as t the same time I was securing my position of ict Teacher of the time.

I rashed as I had to embark my self on drafting the thr notes I would use on the first day.. I  had to embark on much research as I wanted to have much and atlist publish books as I wanted to also become the author hence giving birth two the two resource full books of the  time ICT IN MY HAND FOR A’level & QUESTIONS A & ANSWERS FOR A’level thus marking them the A’LEVEL SERRIES.


While at the university he spent much of his time learning the high level languages which secured him a postion to work with bank of Uganda on the famous ememo system

Solomon while @bou

that’s  all for today. wait for my next Articles

what I do for my living as afree lancer

50 reasons why one should learn wordpress

why I ought have died in the field of teaching alone.

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