How to bypass Windows 7,8 &10 Admin Password using CMD and Windows CD

How to Remove Windows Admin Password without using any software.

As ICT teachers, many times we face a challenge of forgetting passwords, Sometimes lazy students change the Admin passwords to personalize their computers. We always resort to changing operating system as away of removing the password. When operating system is changed, the information stored on the system disk is always lost. Other people opt for buying software like Hirens Boot CD. These are all very expensive means of removing admin passwords on windows operating system. You may not be having the software and sometimes you may not want to change your operating system.

How can I remove the Windows Admin Password without changing the operating system ?

How can I remove the Windows Admin password without using any software like Hirens’ Boot CD?

Follow these steps below.

1-First of all shut down your computer.

2. Switch on the computer and press the boot priority keys depending on the machine. Majority of computers use F12.

3. Set the boot order to the CD& DVD Drive and then press any key to boot from CD

4.Follow the steps as if you are going to change the operating system.

5. Select Repair Computer

6. Select Command Prompt

Type the following in the command prompt

Type again the following code

Always type yes to overrite

Restart your computer.

On the log on user account, type shift five times. 

Then the command prompt will appear, 




Your New Password for Admin

Finally the password will be removed

Wishing success

Lukyamuzi Ronald
Vice-President ITAU