How To Capture Your Student’s Facebook Password

Over the last 10 or so years of E-zone Internet Café in Nabbingo, I have been privileged to work with teenagers and youth in their early twenties. These young lads are the engine that has supported my Internet café for all its life. Their enthusiasm, aptitude, curiosity and innocence are a perfect mix for a business that has to be open 365 days a year without closing.

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With my some of my staff at Itanda Falls
Diana, Aisha, Bryt & Lincoln at Itanda Falls

However, their good traits don’t necessarily mean that working with them is all rosy. Like any young lad with a new sense of freedom, their decisions often influenced by external influence can sometimes hurt you or in this case, my business. As a manager, there come some incidences when you have to crack the whip and in many cases, it hurts. Below is one of my experiences.

Bryt was one of those fine young girls who spent her vacation working at the Kyengera Branch of E-zone Internet Café. Her computer skills were above average and that’s why it took me only a week to fine tune her to be able to work at this demanding branch. In the beginning, the cash kept flowing – thanks to her uncomparable integrity. Client after client always called just to thank me for making such a great choice of employee. But 2 months later, the tables turned!

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I noticed that the charts kept falling. Before I knew it, I started defaulting on rent. I tried mass advertising but the sales remained low.  Weekly meetings didn’t yield any result. I decided to consult the clients. The findings were surprising. My Bryt, the girl with typing speed faster than many secretaries was spending most of her time on facebook. Many clients left our branch because Bryt was paying less attention to their needs and concentrating on her facebook page.

As a big brother, I tried all methods to bring our staff back on track. Unfortunately, her new found passion for social media was stronger than the urge to perform well in her daily sales. In fact, I remember telling her that I wasn’t against her use of facebook but what she was doing on the platform and the effect on our business.

I tried everything and failed until I resorted to clandestine methods. My plan was to hack into her facebook account, change the password and disorganize her. How I did it? Read on.

KGB Key logger

I installed KGB key logger on our server. Once installed, the software has the ability to record every key that is pressed on your keyboard.

A screen shot of KGB key logging software.

I set the software to automatically send me all her activity direct to my e-mail. This enabled me to know her password. I simply logged in from another PC and changed the password. Off course, she tried to recover her password but I was also determined to make the experience a daunting one.

In the image below, you can see that I tried to access my facebook account by entering my email followed by my password. KGB key logger will make a perfect record of all my entries. This info can then be used to know your someone’s password.

After disorganizing Bryt, she silently shifted all her energies towards serving customers and the daily sales came back to normal in just almost 2 weeks. I used this time to counsel and mentor her to which she responded really well. Bryt was the type that was always willing to learn. In fact, today, she deals in trendy shoes and clothing at her own shop, Urban Store on Karlmax Building along Bombo Rd. in Wandegeya. She regularly checks on me and also publicly thanks me for the mentoring I unceasingly gave her during her time with us.

With Bryt at a recent visit.
A caption from Bryt’s facebook page.

Why Use KGB?
The good thing with this software is that only you will know that it is installed and can only be accessed when you type a combination of 4 keys i.e.Ctrl + Alt  + Shift + K. These keys can even be customized to your own such that no one else can check whether you have a keylogger on a computer.

Where else are keyloggers used?


Governments world over use key loggers in order to have an insight into what their employees and specific individuals do on their computers. Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Monitoring students

While I was a lab technician at St. Peter’s SSS Nsambya, our lab had internet and monitoring 40 users wasn’t easy. I used KGB Key logger to randomly go through what my students were doing on the internet. A word of caution was always enough to keep my students on the right track while using the internet.

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A word of caution

Keyloggers must always be used for the right purposes. In fact, if you intend to install a key logger on your computer, it is ethical that you inform the people who use that particular computer. Keyloggers should not in any way be used to access other people’s credentials without their approval.

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