How To Hack A Wi-Fi Password

There are many reasons why one would wish to know the password of a wireless network. For example, when you forget the password you used to connect a laptop yet you now want to connect your phone. Take also, the example of a new member of staff who would wish to connect to the WIFI network. In the absence of the systems admin, this knowledge can help you sniff the password and give it to the new member. I will illustrate this using Windows 7 but the process is more less similar on other Operating Systems.

Option 1: Without Software

1.         Click on the wireless icon on your laptop.

A list of available networks is displayed. The network to which you are connected will also be shown.

2.         Right click on the network whose password you want to know. Choose Properties. Make sure Show characters is ticked.

Your WIFI password is then displayed where you see Network security key.

Option 2: With software

For beginners however, the process above may seem intimidating. There is some very light software that will get you the WIFI password in a less than a second.

This software has been bundled with many others on a Master Flash Disk prepared by the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda. You can order for your Master Flash Disk here or call the co-ordinator ITAU Central Region on +256 752 111 223.

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