How to Insert a Water Mark on Only One Page of a Document

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A watermark is an image or text that appears faintly behind the main document. For example, watermarked documents will normally display the status of the document like “Confidential”, ‘Draft” etc. In some cases, watermarks are used to prevent counterfeiting because watermarks help in preventing people from using documents as their own.

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The process of creating a watermark in Ms. Word is quite straight forward but the tricky part is how to make it appear on only a single page of a multipage document. In the steps below, you will learn how to do this.

Text watermarks

Step 1:           On the Office 2013 ribbon, click DESIGN. This brings many tools among which is Watermark.

Office 2013 ribbon indicating design and watermark

Step 2:           Go to the page where you intend place the watermark. Click Watermark and from the options, right click on any and choose ‘Insert at current document position’.

Inserting a watermark at current position in office 2013

Image watermarks

However, inserting an image as a watermark on a single page of a multi-page document is trickier. The steps below guide you through the process.

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Step 1:           On the Office 2013 ribbon, click INSERT. This  will bring many tools of which you choose pictures. Browse for the picture of your choice and insert it anywhere in the document.

Step 2:           Click on the picture and decrease the picture’s brightness to suit that of a proper watermark.

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Step 3:           Send your picture behind text. (Right click >> Wrap text >> Behind text)

d text

Step 4:           Get back to DESIGN, click on the image you intend to use as a watermark then go to Watermark and choose ‘Save selection to watermark gallery’.

Save selection to watermark gallery

Step 5:           Get back to DESIGN, go to Watermark, scroll through the gallery and you will see the image. Right click on it and choose to insert it at current position.

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