How to Install Windows XP, Step by Step

Almost all the times I install Windows OS on a PC, its either Windows 7 or Windows 10. However, on this particular day, I received a client at my Internet Café in Nabbingo whose PC didn’t meet the basic requirements for Windows 7. This particular PC had 128MB of RAM and a 1.2 GHZ processor. I had to convince the client to accept a Windows XP installation, after all, its major purpose was for kids’ games at his nursery school.

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The writer, Stephen Dumba, working on a PC at Ezone Internet Cafe in Nabbingo.

The thought of installing Windows XP brought back memories of over a decade ago. It was my first operating system to install and remember my first lesson on  a an old Pentium II picked from the rejects in the computer lab of King’s College, Budo. Just to be sure that I had learnt, I remember installing the OS over and over up to 3 am in the morning and even mastered the 25 character key.

In this article, I am giving you a step by step guide on how to install this now ditched OS. All you need now is a Windows installation CD.

Step 1:           Switch on your PC, insert the Windows installation CD in the optical drive and then switch off the PC.

A Windows XP Instllation CD inserted in the optical drive.
A Windows XP Installation CD inserted in the optical drive.

Step 2:           Switch on the PC and carefully watch the screen. When you read the message “Press any key to boot from CD”, quickly press any key on your keyboard. (Kindly note: “ANY” literally means “Any”, don’t debate on which one to press.)

Press any key to boot from CD during a Windows XP installation
Press any key to boot from CD during a Windows XP installation

You will then see a windows like this.

After press any key to boot from windows
After press any key to boot from windows

Step 3:           Press “Enter” to start continue with the installation process.

To set up windows XP, press Enter
To set up windows XP, press Enter

Step 4:           Press F8 to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA)

Press F8 to accept EULA during a windows XP installation
Press F8 to accept EULA during a windows XP installation

Step 5:           Choose  a partition and press “Enter” to install Windows.

Choose a partition, press enter

Step 6:           Press “Enter” to format the partition on which you intend to install a fresh copy of Windows XP.

Formating a partition during a Windpws XP installation.
Formatting a partition during a Windows XP installation.
After formating during a Windows XP installation
After formatting during a Windows XP installation

Step 7:           At “Regional and Language Options”, click “NEXT”.

Step 8:           Fill in your Name and Organisation and click “NEXT”.

Step 9:           Fill in the Windows XP product key (25 characters)

Fill in the 25 character product key.

Step 10:         Assign a name for your PC

Give your PC a name.

Step 11:         For network settings, leave as “Typical” and click NEXT.

Choose typical settings here.

Step 12:         Maintain the default workgroup and click NEXT.

Leave workgroup settings at default

Step 13:         At the display settings box, click OK. The computer will then automatically set the display settings.

Step 14:         At the Windows welcome screen, click NEXT

Step 15:         At Register with Microsoft screen, choose “Not this time” and click NEXT.

Step 16:         At “Who will use this computer”, enter a name and click NEXT.

Enter an appropriate user name here.

Step 17:         You now get a ‘Thank You’ Screen, click NEXT.

You are done! You now have a fresh installation of Windows XP.

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