How to Protect Your Computer Without an Antivirus

Sometime back, I had an argument with Rogers Mukalele over the choice of antivirus to use. While I suggested that Smadav was enough in a school lab setting, Rogers was quick to remind me that it wasn’t an antivirus. And Rogers was right, Smadav is only a second layer form of protection compared to standard antiviruses.

However, my
argument was that, it was useless to have a standard antivirus while my
computer still gets infected. Personally, my Internet café in Nabbingo, the
only antivirus I use is Smadav and for over 5 years, my computers are always in
top form. I also used the same kind of protection at Mountains of Hope Internet
Café in Mpigi and for 4 years, the café is still intact with no need for
re-installations and re-configurations.

Dumba Stephen doing repairs in the computer lab of St. Martin’s SS JJanya in Mpigi.

computer labs, like internet cafes will get all sorts of problems ranging from
virus attacks to human related errors. This makes the IT support staff spend a
lot of time and resources repairing computers so that the next user gets a
smooth experience.

Computer lab of E-zone School of Computing in Nabbingo
This computer lab at E-zone School of Computing is protected by Deep Freeze and has never been repaired since its setup in 2015.

Use Deep freeze

To get an always perfect feel of my PCs, I use a program called Deep Freeze. When installed on a PC, you will request the program to “freeze” local disk “C”. However, to be able to save your work, you will have to deselect all other drives. All data to be saved must be saved in the other drives and not on drive “C”. You cannot save on the desktop or “My Documents” as these files will disappear when you restart the PC.

Deep freeze
ensures that whenever the computer is restarted, it goes back to the same perfect
state it was. You can never worry about viruses or malicious changes to your
computer settings as these will be cleared on every restart.

Stephen Dumba - ICT Teachers Association of Uganda

Stephen Dumba is the co-ordinator Central Region ICT Teachers Association of Uganda. Besides teaching, he is a veteran Computer Repair Technician and a Web Designer
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