ICT Students’ Telegram Group- A resource sharing platform for all ICT students in Uganda

In this COVID-19 break from school, students are finding it difficult to access their teachers due to quarantine period as directed by the government and Ministry of Health. As students, they may need to access some learning resources and learning materials to keep them busy during this time. The question is, how a teacher can possibly interact with his/her students in this mandatory holiday.

Mr.Lukyamuzi Ronald the National Vice Chairperson of ICT Teachers Association of Uganda came up with an idea of creating a Whatsapp Group to enable him communicate with his students. The link to the group was shared to many different Whatsapp Groups of ICT Teachers and became viral to most groups. The move was successful to the fact after a period of one day, the group was full of students of different schools. He embarked on sharing ICT resources to the group members and sensitizing learners in the group. Fellow teachers also joined him in this struggle of supporting learners in this break from school.

The limitation of WhatsApp on group members became a challenge to most of the students. The group limit is always 257 and makes it difficult for one to join when the group is full. He decided to create a Telegram Group that can accommodate up to almost 200,000 members. Telegram is similar to WhatsApp and more powerful than WhatsApp. The application is available for download on Google Play Store.
Teachers teaching ICT and Computer Studies in Ugandan Secondary Schools are advised to sensitize their learners to join this group. The group is intended to promote communication between learners and their teachers. Sharing of resources and ICT learning materials like Notes, Mock Past Papers, UNEB past papers, Guides, Pamphlets and Practical manual books. The group also enhances discussions and interaction between students on various ICT topics. The link to the group https://t.me/ictstudensug. Click on the above link to join the National ICT Students’ Telegram Group.
For more information contact
Lukyamuzi Ronald
National Vice-Chairperson of ITAU
Tel: +256781553788
Email: ronexvirus@gmail.com