Is this the best alternative to ZOOM?

Are you this person looking for another option for your online lessons, your video conferences, your meetings with friends,family and everybody? well obviously zoom is so popular right now. I personally love zoom and I use it myself often times to explain certain ICT concepts to my students during this time when schools are closed and not running, I use it to talk to my father in Lira each time and know how he is doing.

But for some people maybe they don’t like zoom, maybe it doesn’t work well for them so it’s always good to have another option obviously Skype is one, there are some other options as well like Microsoft teams which I haven’t even tried myself but the other day I came across another option which I wanted to share with you,it’s called Cisco WebEx teams meetings.

Cisco WebEx meetings is the app Iam going to share with you now. How did I find it by the way? well I was watching news on a Wednesday this month on one of the most popular News Broadcasting Televisions in the world currently, they were having a conversation between three people talking about politics and obviously at the moment everybody is in quarantine isolation so they couldn’t have all of the hosts together in one room.

They were all reporting from their houses and I expected to see ZOOM or SKYPE there in the little logo in each video but then I noticed there was something different this Cisco WebEx logo was there and I was there thinking honestly interesting by what I guessed must be a very expensive videoconferencing software because to tell you the fact the video i saw was very clear and it seemed to be very smooth.

So I thought let me just go and check it out and just out of curiosity, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s very very similar to zoom and if you take a look here at the website you can see that it’s free although there are paid options as well but they have an option as you can see , the free plan allows up to a hundred participants in each meeting and this is the most amazing thing.

Zoom originally had a 40-minute limit for group calls with the free version now they have lifted that in many countries and cisco webex has done the same thing they’ve lifted it too making it a powerful option for teaching online.

One of the reasons I like zoom so much is the whiteboard something that Skype for example doesn’t have but on Cisco WebEx they have an amazing whiteboard so very very similar to zoom very similar the options i tell you.

Therefore if such a famous broadcaster like the one i watched the conference from trusts Cisco WebEx that must be a pretty good sign and it looks like a good option maybe a plan B for those of you who don’t have zoom, don’t want to use it ,don’t want to use Skype, it’s another option for you so I wanted to share that with you a free alternative to zoom.

Check it out Cisco WebEx meetings on their website (link in the 5th paragraph) and google play (for mobile users) and let me know in the comments of this blog post if you have used it before,if you use it after reading this. I will be very interested to hear how you get on and if you like it and maybe it could be a good alternative to zoom, who knows!! anyway enjoy and have a nice chat on the video call with your meeting partners, students, whoever.

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I’ll talk to you again very soon bye bye!! Stay Safe Corona Kills