MILESTONE! ITAU Legally Registered with URSB

Finally, our Association ICT Teachers Association of Uganda (ITAU), has been legally registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)! Here's a list of contributors to this #milestone and way forward for #ICTTrsUG

Congratulations ITAU!!

Finally, our Association, ICT Teachers Association of Uganda (ITAU), has been legally registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)! The Uganda Registration Services Bureau is a semi-autonomous government agency, established by Act of Parliament in 1998 in Uganda. URSB is responsible for civil registrations, business registrations, registration of patents and intellectual property rights, and any other registrations required by law.

The process has been a long one. Since last year 2017, we have been discussing our draft constitution which is the main document guiding all aspects of the association. We formed regional steering committees in June 2018 which moblised members for the first AGM which was held in September 2018. At the AGM, an Interim National Executive Committee (NEC) was voted and the first task given to the committee was to get the association registered as soon as possible.

Mr. Kakaire Charles the newly elected chairperson  promised the members to work with the NEC to see that the association is registered within two weeks. Watch the video embedded below for the interview.

Fundrasing for the Registration

The biggest constraint was lack of funds in the treasury to aid the association during the entire process of registering the association. There was need to hire legal experts to review the ITAU constitution and also to handle the registration process. The NEC met and  resolved that some fundrasing be made, first by the NEC members themselves, and then the general member fratenity. Some NEC members managed to raise UGX 200,000, but this was not enough. Therefore, the chairperson sent out a message through the ITAU social media platforms and mailing lists, urging the members to make some contributions. Below is the audio message sent out on 26th October, 2018:

Chairperson’s Fundraising Message. Cant play within browser? Download through this direct link.

The following table has the details of the members who made contributions through the treasurer and the coordinator via Mobile Money:

NameTelSchool / AddressContribution
Charles Kakaire702840404Busoga College Mwiri50000
Jackline Nambone 755395320Nsambya Emmanuel Coll. Kazo50000
Rogers Mukalele 776960740Kololo SS100000
Florence Nantwasi 777045836*
Kichui Shadrack Enock773749786Janan SS Bombo20000
Julius Nyendwoha 776931367Light College Katikamu100000
Eneku Ronald 704205057Uphill College, Mbuya40000
Ntale Denis 771 063684Avema SS Mityana10000
Gobera Paul774261015St. Mary’s Nkozi20000
Backri Johnny Oluka 783620824Morulem Girls SS – ABIM 10000
Wanja Benard772658752St. Stephen Col Bajja50000
Atwine Solomon706449995Nsambya hillside high school10000
Kirabira Vincent 708277580Children At Risk Action Network30000
Barbara Sacher782019140Luweero Diocese Education Department50000

Great thanks to the the members who have always supported the association whenever there is a fundrasing. Note worthy are the members who particiapted in the first fundrasing which was made to get funds for making this website,, last year. Check out thier names on the attribution page.

The NEC decided to hire the services of Counsel Semanda Fred of Tel No. 0701591006, a lawyer working with Baraka Legal Associated Advocates P. O. BOX 22492 Kampala, to review the constitution with a legal perspective and also help handle the registration process. The lawyer requested for UGX400,000 for the entire process, which was got from the funds the members had raised. See acknowledgement below:

Adoption of the ITAU Constitution

The members have been discussing the constitution for several months, and now a lawyer had also been hired to  review the constituion. After the review, the lawyer called for an extra ordinary meeting with NEC representatives who agreed on the final ammendments and also signed to adopt the constitution. The image below shows the details and signatures of the distinguished members who adopted the constitution:

Registering with URSB

Three copies of the adopted ITAU constitution were made and submitted to URSB. Madam Patricia Opoka Akello, the registrar at URSB approved our constitution and stamped it. Since ITAU is neither a company limited by shares nor by guarantee, we were told that URSB does not issue certificates to Associations but to only companies. So, the approved and stamped constitution is going to act as our proof of registration.

A full scanned copy of the ITAU constitution will be uploaded and available for download from the constitution page of this website.

Way Forward for ITAU

The NEC is developing a workplan for 2018/2019 with several activities for the association. One of the next activities after this registration will be opening up a bank account for the association so that all finances are handled as stipulated in the constitution. The funds remaining of the recent fundrasing will be partly used during the process of opening the bank account and the rest will constitute the first deposit. The members who made pledges during the fundrasing are thus urged to honor thier pledges so that the association can run these activities. For sustainability, the NEC is considering other sources of funding as stipulated in Article 8 of the constitution.