Magezi Harvest: The Finest School Management Information System I Have Used

At the end of 2010, I was tasked by my head teacher (St. Peter’s SSS Nsambya) to present an end of year report for the school’s computer lab. Since I had never done one before, I consulted Mr. Sekitale Frederick, my Head of Department on how I would go about the report. He advised me accordingly but what caught my attention was the part where I was supposed to make recommendations.

Of all recommendations I made, my head master was keenly attracted by the idea of introducing an Electronically Managed Report Card System.  He told me how their first attempt a few years back was disaster. He asked many questions to which I had no answers. I guess he realized I was gambling. The only Report Card System I had come across was PurcAi, the one used at King’s College Budo and I had used it only a couple of times. He advised to research about the available systems as administration also did their research.

Throughout the December holidays of 2010, I scoured the internet and several schools for such a system with very little progress. In January 2011, I decided to up my search lest I had nothing to deliver at the beginning of the term.

Term I came and I was invited to an administrative meeting to discuss my findings. I had 6 options on me and apart from BestGrade which was free, the rest were too expensive and gave no option for testing. This is how I settled for Magezi Harvest which among its offers  allowed time for testing before purchase, step by step training and full time technical support. Luckily too, their offices where a walkable distance from school.

I chanced to look at the head teacher’s options and Magezi Harvest came top. The DOS’s list also had the same system as his number 1 choice. Surely, the 3 of us couldn’t be wrong. The meeting unanimously agreed that Magezi Solutions be the service provider, though in trial mode.

As a contingency plan, we decided that we only try out with S.1 & S.2 reports while we retained the manual reports for the rest of the classes. However, half way the exercise, we decided to go on with the entire school. It was a success!

The login page

But what makes Magezi Harvest tick?

Of all companies I have come across, no company understands the business of automating schools like Magezi Solutions. Their software called Magezi Harvest brings records, reports and analyses from each and every department of the school to one place, one screen and makes decision making simple, effective and hassle-free.

A sample report and a SMS for the parent.

1.       All in one system. Magezi Harvest boasts of an all in one solution with a  School Report module, Automated Accounting module, Library management, Sickbay management, Laboratory management, Inventory and even a student discipline tracker.

2.       Numbers don’t lie. Magezi Harvest is deployed not only at St. Peter’s SSS Nsambya but others like Namilyango College, Ntare School, Bweranyangi Girls, Busoga College Mwiri and over a hundred others.

The numbers as found on their website say something.

3.       Experience. Magezi Solutions has been in this business since 2006 when many schools didn’t even foresee the need for an automated School Management Information System.

4.       Automated SMS. In a world where kids are too sharp they doctor their results, Magezi Harvest has integrated an SMS option where Academic Results are automatically sent to the parent’s contact.

5.       Trusted by Examination bodies. To get the trust of an examination body, you have to go through a rigorous selection exercise and no wonder, Magezi harvest has won many hearts. Examination bodies like UTEC, ACEITEKA, JJEB, ASSHU Mbarara and ASSHU Kabwohe are some of their loyal clients.

6.       Regular Backup. Another interesting but easily ignored feature of this system is that you can get backups of your school’s records from inception. Backup sizes are small and can be safely stored even online, CD, Flash or e-mail.

7.       2 Payment Options. After a trial, a school has the option to pay once for the system or opt for an annual license. Surprisingly, their rates are affordable as compared to many of the look alikes on the market.

8.       Web based. The system can run on your local area network or even online. Installed on a server, any computer connected on the network will have access giving the school the versatility to work anywhere. The system is accessed using a web browser like Chrome or Firefox and can be accessed using mobile devices.

I am glad that when I was given the opportunity to manage a School Management Information System, I did it with the best. The brains behind this software have since become my friends and silent consultants in issues concerning IT.

Stephen Dumba
E-zone School of Computing
0752 111 223 / 0772 111 223