Over 1600 attend Grand National ICT Seminar at Hilton High School

This is the biggest students seminar ITAU has organized so far, in terms of attendance,delivery and service provision.

Hilton High school in conjunction with the ICT teachers’ Association of Uganda organized a workshop for all the students that offer ICT and computer studies all over the country that was held on 26th/06/2022. The seminar received schools from all the four regions of Uganda that is North, Eastern, Western region. This seminar aimed at improving the grades of over learners all over the country.

It attendance was thrilling and exciting because we realized over 1600 students all over the country constituting over 750 “O” level students and over 850 students. This was more than the attendance of 2020 seminar, in terms of delivery and service providing according to the feedback report it is very clear that there was a tremendous improvement where by  unlike before, among the facilitators we managed to have the examination chiefs for paper one for both levels and they really gave our students time among other senior facilitators such as Mr. Mukalele Rogers, Mr. Wejuli Moses, Mr. Maganda, Mr. Lukyamuzi and many more.

Background about Hilton seminars

The idea was started way back in 2017 by Mutyaba Daniel together with his then colleagues Mr. Maganda Moses currently at Seroma Christian High School and Mr. Sserwadda George currently at Uganda Matyrs Namugongo. We were greatly motivated and inspired by the desire to gather colleagues and we share experiences with the rest of the people country over.

It was a such a great milestone that we were supported by the ICT Association of Uganda(ITAU) by coming in conjunction with us in 2020 which has helped to improve on our publicity, resource base and so much more. And on this note great thanks goes to the executive committee of ITAU lead by Mr. Lukyamuzi Ronald for the wonderful support and great enthusiasm towards the whole arrangements and organisation of that remarkable event.

Below are some photos.

As the organizing committee we would like to throw a vote of thanks to the administration and the heads of department of ICT of the following schools for sparing time, mobilizing resources to come for our seminar. They were over 50 schools and  we managed to capture some including following;

  1. Loro Secondary School – Oyam District
  2. Hilton high school- Zion Campus
  3. Katikamu SDA- Luwero
  4. St. Josephs of Natharath
  5. Kikome Secondary School
  6. Bethel country School
  7. Amka Classic
  8. St. George High school Wakiso
  9. St. Johns High school Bweyogere
  10. Pride college School
  11. Sureland Academy
  12. Rehoboth High school
  13. Namungoona Salaf Secondary School
  14. Mother Kevin College
  15. St. Bruno Secondary School
  16. Wits College
  17. Ndejje Secondary School
  18. Kasawo Secondary School
  19. St. Joseph High school
  20. Kasanga Seed school
  21. Mukono Mixed Secondary School
  22. Busiika Muslim Secondary School
  23. Midfield Secondary School
  24. Kakira Secondary School
  25. Eden high school Kasangati
  26. Busaana Secondary School
  27. Zana Christian School-Zana
  28. Victors high school
  29. Maranath High school
  30. St. Balikudembe Kisoga
  31. Gayaaza Road Triangle Secondary School
  32. Mukono Secondary School
  33. Revival grammer
  34. Lukole Secondary School
  35. Passion Christian High school
  36. FPA high school
  37. St. mary’s mulungi
  38. Lugoba high school
  39. Global harvest Secondary School
  40. St. Josephs Vocational
  41. Lubiri Secondary School
  42. Nampange Secondary School
  43. St. Peter’s Nkokonjeru
  44. Allen V R Secondary School-Mpigi
  45. Victors High school Kisoga

Report compiled by


Chairman organizing committee

Mutyaba Daniel is a teacher and HOD of ICT for the last 9 years at Hilton High School. He currently the Vice president of ITAU, he is a senior facilitator and trainer of trainers(Master trainer of NCDC, ITAU facilitator, online tutor), he is also a part time lecturer assistant at Kyambogo University, he is the author of Syllabus based computer studies, Syllabus Based Subsidiary ICT, Computer studies and ICT practical Handbook.