Preparing Teachers for the Digital Era: EDIFY-Uganda Partners with ITAU for Digital Literacy Workshop at St. Joseph Pilot School Kabowa

In the wake of the disruption in the education sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several stakeholders have come up to help teachers prepare for the digital era. The disruption let to governments announcement of closure of all educational institutions in Uganda and the inevitable loss of jobs.

In an effort to help reduce the effects, Edify Uganda is leading the pack and helped schools put in place measures that will make them survive in the new normal.

Demand for remote learning skyrocketed during the lockdown in Uganda and elsewhere in the world. This led to the discovery of new technologies to help education institutions remain relevant. Unfortunately for many teachers, they were not yet ready for the digital transformation making it hard to get to learners.

Edify Uganda through ITAU one of its partners embarked on a wide approach to reach as many teachers as possible through their schools to train them in digital skills that will later help them fit in the digital puzzle.

One of the beneficiaries of these training is St. Joseph Pilot School in Kabowa-Kampala where teachers are going through a 2-day intensive digital literacy workshop to help them be able to present lessons using modern technologies. With a dozen in attendance, the workshop was facilitated by 2 teams from Edify and the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda.

Participants of the 2-day workshop funded by Edify-Uganda

After the training, all school systems are to be shifted to digital including lessons and learning material that will be uploaded by the teachers to the e-learning platform that is also funded by EDIFY and built by the web development team of the ICT Teachers’ Association.