Computer Studies Revision Questions and Answers for Uganda – Third Edition 2019



Includes draft guides for past papers 2000 – 2018 and selected MOCKS for UCE Computer Studies Paper 840/1 (Theory)

This book has been compiled to help candidates as they prepare for their examinations. The book contains over 1000 Past Examination Questions and Answers compiled from marking guides of past papers 2000-2018.

  • The UCE Computer Studies Syllabus outline, including the question allocation per topic has been included to further guide the candidates on which topics to concentrate on most. The book also include a sample Exam Blue Print (2015). Teachers are encouraged to use blue prints when setting in order to ensure a balanced paper. An Examiners Report for UCE 2017 has been also included to highlight the common areas of weakness and strategies for improving.
  • Teachers can also make use of this book as a question bank for assessing their candidates. New revised editions of this book will be released periodically with new questions and answers for various examinations as they become available.


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