Sample Time Table in the New Lower Secondary Curriculum

The New Lower Secondary School Curriculum has finally kicked off. According to samples shared by NCDC, a typical school day will start at 8:00 am with morning parade which will run for 15 minutes. Lessons then start at 8:15 am with 3 periods up to 10:15 am when students go out for break.

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Break time will take only 20 minutes and will be followed by 3 periods which end at 12:35 pm when students break off for lunch. Lunch, which will take an hour will be followed by 2 periods which end at 2:55 pm.

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Students are then given the next one and a half hours for library, clubs, projects, debate and games. This closes the day and the routine repeated the next day. The diagram below shows what a typical time table will look like for S.1 and S.2 in the new curriculum.

Sample S.1 and S.2 time table
Sample S.1 and S.2 time table

How many periods does each subject have in S.1 and S.2?

English6Rel. Educ2
Physics5Art & Design2
Chemistry3Performing Arts2
History/Pol. Ed.3ICT2
Geography3Local Language2
Kiswahili2Foreign Language2
Entreprenuership2Sign Language2
Physical Education2General Science6
Technology & Design2

There is not much change in the proposed time table for S.3 and S.4. Noticeable on the S.3 and S.4 time table are the Electives which have been included. The image below shows what a typical S.3 and S.4 time table will look like.

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Sample S.3 and S.4 time table

How many periods does each subject have in S.3 and S.4?

Compulsory subjects
History & Pol. Educ3
General Science6
Elective 13
Elective 23
Elective 34

Subjects under Elective 1

  • Uganda sign language
  • Kiswahili
  • Literature in English
  • Local language
  • Foreign language

Subjects under Elective 2

  • Christian Religious Education
  • Islamic Religious Education

Subjects under Elective 3

  • Performing Arts
  • Art and Design
  • Agriculture
  • ICT
  • Nutrition and Food Technology
  • Technology and Design
  • Entreprenuership
  • Physical Education

A sample Time Table for the new lower secondary curriculum can be downloaded below.Sample Time Table for the New Lower Secondary CurriculumDownload

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