Solomon Atwine born on 16 January 1994 in the district of Ntungamo. he is second born out of the 8 children of the family but also 2nd out 4 from 5 children of the real mother and luckily surviving with his sister. from a family of Banyankole of Mr. Arthur Muhereza Makubbe. went to Nyakibigi primary school for his nursery and later to Blue hope day and boarding primary school for my primary one.Later in 2003~2008 went to Mother care primary school where he completed his primary journey. In 2009~2012 went to Muntuyera high school one of the best government schools in western Uganda for his 0’level.And later went to Nsambya hillside high school for A’ level from 2013~2014. In 2015~to date now at Makerere university businesses school offering bachelor’s degree in business computing. Also working at Nsambya hillside high school as A SENIOR TEACHER for ICT . The job he undertook after his A’levl in 2015 and has driven him to a number of schools because of the pasion and love in it.

he has also undergone to author anumber of books which have beeen liked by a number of academicians as they offer a board of knowledge in the ict industry

Understanding that Teaching isn’t just ingraining information into students’ minds to memorize — it’s about providing them with the tools they need in order to think critically and succeed.
I believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves quality of life. Since 2015,
I have provided my ICT students with private lessons, and have helped all of them reach their potential.

Copy of my first ICT book

This has been done through