The Executive Committee

Pioneer Interim National Executive for ICT Teachers Association of Uganda 2018/2019

This executive was constituted during the First Annual General Meeting of ITAU on 6th September, 2018.

Name Post / Responsibility School / Institution Contact
Kakaire Charles National Chairperson Busoga College Mwiri – Jinja 0702840404 /0776840404
Lukyamuzi Ronald Vice Chairperson / Regional Chairperson – Central Uganda Nakanyonyi SS – Mukono 0757421818 / 0781553788
Mubedhe Nicholas National Secretary General / Regional Vice Chairperson – Central Uganda Nakamwa SSS, Mukono

Maroni Rosemary Assistant Secretary General Mulatsi SS Mbale / Bubulo SS Manafwa 0782083206 / 0756721786
Nambonye Jackline Secretary for Finance Emmanuel College Kazo – Kampala 0755395320
Eneku Ronald Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events Progressive SS Kitintale – Kampala
Mukalele Rogers National Coordinator / Web Administrator Kololo SSS, Kampala 0776960740/ 0706060740
Kirabira Vicent National Publicity Secretary / Regional Publicity Secretary- Central Uganda 0705660299
Tweheyo Edward Regional Chairperson – Western Uganda 0778644883
Osere Samuel Regional Vice Chairperson – Western Uganda 0784975474
Nabumpende Annet Regional Secretary General – Western Uganda
Mwijusya Alodu Regional Assistant secretary general – Western Uganda 0772575299
Muhangi Sebastian Regional Secretary for finance – Western Uganda 0783322437
Bizimaana Diaz Robert Regional Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events – Western Uganda 0776484065
Kahwa James Regional Publicity Secretary – Western Uganda 0783975557
Ogwal Sam Regional Chairperson – Northern Uganda 0782345977
Odongo Pope Regional Vice Chairperson – Northern 0772553941/0753553941
Ogwal Moses Regional Secretary General – Northern 0772360745
Omara Morish Regional Assistant secretary general – Northern Uganda 0789954316
Lanyero Bena Regional Secretary for finance – Northern 0705784339
Sadik Sebi Regional Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events – Northern Uganda 0775046801
Wogisha Denis Regional Chairperson – Eastern Uganda 07064579050

Wagubi Ronald Regional Vice Chairperson – Eastern Uganda 0788212627
Mateka Joseph Regional Secretary General – Eastern Uganda 0775718772
Okalang David Regional Assistant secretary general – Eastern Uganda 0782660081
Biwoye Justine Regional Secretary for finance – Eastern Uganda 0755506364
Mokili John Medo Regional Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events – Eastern Uganda 0757725493
Wanja Bernard Regional Secretary General – Eastern Uganda 0772658752/0757658752
Eneku Ronald Regional Assistant secretary general – Central Uganda 0704205057
Nambone Jackline Regional Secretary for finance – Central Uganda 0755395320

Ssensalire Rajab

Regional Secretary for Projects, Activities and Events – Central Uganda


Namubiru Joan Regional Mobiliser – Central Uganda 0700402632


  1. INCREASED UITA FIELD MOBLISATION: The biggest task is mobilisation of more members who are not yet aware of the Association at all…. We need fresh ideas and we should focus on bringing on board new members. Add more group admins in these new groups and encourage them to add new teachers they come across in the field, especially during this up coming period of marking mocks and conducting seminars.
  2. CREATING ACCOUNTS ON UITA WEBSITE AND PUBLISHING CONTENT: We need to encourage members to register on the website and start publishing content to expand it. Remember, if we add enough content and start getting good traffic, the website itself will create for us awareness and also start earning us some dollars per month from Google. We also need some members who can help with website administration work like reviewing and approving newly signed up members on our website. If you don’t know WordPress but willing to learn, we can organise a meetup and learn the basics of administering the website.
  3. REGIONAL UITA SEMINARS: The regional leaders can organise a one day UITA ICT teachers seminar for that region, set a basic affordable fee mainly to cater for the venue and meals then add some crucial topics on the agenda like programming or web design for members to be encouraged to participate, and also include a session of like 1 hour at the end to brief the new members about UITA, add them to the WhatsApp group and encourage them to register and subscribe to the website updates.
  4. REGIONAL UITA JOINT MOCKS: Regional leaders can organise a day for ICT teachers in the region to meet and set some sets of joint mock exams together and share resources. Consult from members on a suitable date. You can set a date like in two weeks’ time and start mobilisation, or early next month when members have got salaries. Then it will also be a chance for us to get more members join the UITA network.

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