The Teacher Tragedy

Very often disturbed by the nature of environment and the available job market in uganda, many teachers have always thought that as soon as one is out of campus, the next step is to look for that fleshy, well-paying job so as to start earning. It sounds so great an idea because naturally no one would wish to be left on this journey of success as known today that the higher the income, the greater the success. A very critical evidence is the overwhelming number of graduate teachers who have flocked the urban settings in the search for such jobs with the assumption that the well-paying schools are found in urban areas. Doesn’t this sound a reality? Of course to some extent it is correct but not ideal

My experience as a teacher

I have interacted with some graduates who have embraced the same idea, well they have got opportunities but unfortunately they have not lasted a time and guess what next, they are on a hunt for yet another opportunity and whereas this has continued to be evident, colleagues have not gained the conscience to understand the genesis of the whole drama and the whole blame has been put on the employers. The big question is what have you done to ensure your job security? And then these very many questions: Are there really no jobs? Are you worth the job you are fighting for? Are the employers really unfair to some of us? And of course many other questions

Just in response to some of the above questions, I would like to discuss how the teachers have endangered their own job market. I have not been in the field for so long but I have come to discover a little that I want to share with us here using my own experience. When I finished graduating as a teacher, my next step was to look for that fleshy job so as to straight away start getting a good take home and of course I did, I mean I got that school that would pay me that sum, this was happiness definitely. After three months of teaching I did a simple self-evaluation and guess the findings, very little professional development.

At this moment I had to make a choice and guess what, I left my so called good school and went to a small school for a reason of personal development, had a one year spell deep down where I knew everything to do with ICT depended on me and this definitely changed my story. The challenges that I faced compelled me to do research and to discover and learn more which has propelled me the far I am today. Now as I speak, my story has changed.

Why did I bother to narrate all that? It is simple; some teachers have complained of the schools not being fair to them and demanding a lot which am pretty sure is the reason as to why many of us are not stable though not all and yet many of us have failed to realize that we are the cause of the nasty story. No good school will ever wish to have a teacher who is not going to produce results straight away, remember schools are now in a competition.

My simple advice

For this case, I want to challenge every teacher to realize their positions, get to seek establishment and professional development before looking for that fleshy job, these so called jobs are going to look for you.



development before looking for that fleshy job