1. A steering committee to work collaboratively on establishing UITA will be constituted on Heroes Day 2018 during the ICT Teachers’ refresher workshop at Kololo SS, June 9, 2018.
  2. Applications are still going on. To express interest, submit the form at before June 9, 2018.
  3. Please read the responsibilities associated with each role written down in the draft UITA constitution available on our website at
  4. The pioneer Steering committee will be tasked with the mandate of undertaking all the necessary tasks and mobilisation of ICT teachers country wide in order to ensure that our association is fully, validly and legally registered, recognised and embraced nationally. The Steering committee members will immediately take on the roles in acting capacity for a period of not more than one year – to debate and finalise with the draft constitution, officially register association and organise the first UITA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which the Fully Constituted UITA executive will be elected basing on an officially adopted constitution.
  5. Please GET INVOLVED by getting more members informed, creating your account on the UITA website at and subscribing for updates, and sending your views / guidance via our website, social media platforms on Facebook and WhatsApp (find join links at the top of our website) to keep in touch.
  6. Together, we can build an umbrella which we shall be proud of.

The following table shows the proposed positions & list of interested members, their main district of operation & contacts.

(i),  Chairperson 1.      Namukowa Isaac(785694409), Manafwa

2.      Kadiba Emmanuel (789692068), Tororo

3.      Lukyamuzi Ronald(256757421818), Mukono

(ii),  Vice Chairperson 1.      Nyenje John Bosco(702460137), Wakiso

2.      Mateka Joseph(775718773), Mbale

3.      Kisakye John(777149644), Wakiso

4.      Tweheyo Edward (778644883), Kiryandongo

5.      Ssensalire Rajab(781425692), Mukono

6.      Namukowa Isaac(785694409), Manafwa

7.      Sir Nicholus Munyagwa Mubedhe(787277091), Mukono, Kampala

8.      Robert Juuko(250785494152), Kimironko

9.      Ntegyereize Joan(256704562006), Bushenyi

10.  Lukyamuzi Ronald(256757421818), Mukono

(iii),  Secretary General


1.      Kayemba Richard(752821990), Masaka

2.      Kiirya Bulasiyo(759669212), Jinja

3.      Tweheyo Edward (778644883), Kiryandongo

4.      Sir Nicholus Munyagwa Mubedhe(787277091), Mukono, Kampala

5.      Hasan Bakaywike(256752441564), Iganga

6.      Namayengo Madrinr(0701822627/0751629097), Masaka

(iv),  Assistant secretary general


1.      Eneku Ronald(704205057), Wakiso, Kampala, Mukono

2.      Wogisha Denis(706457905), Mbale

3.      Jumbo Solomon (756001198), Kabarole

4.      Mubiru Mugereere Joshua(256782527019), Luweero & Nakasongola

5.      Wanja Bernard(0772658752/0757658752), Masaka And Buikwe

(v),  Secretary for finance 1.      Hasan Bakaywike(256752441564), Iganga

2.       Wejuli Moses(077740686/0758191392), Luweero, Nakaseke

(vi),  Secretary for Projects, Activities & Events


1.      Atwine Solomon(70644995), Ntungamo

2.      Mtezira (704790688), Mukono

3.      Jingo Fred(754238438), Kayunga

4.      Ndungo .K. Elly(755692997), Mubende

5.      Ssemuju Henry(772323047), Kampala District

6.      Ogwal Moses(772360745), Oyam

7.      Ssensalire Rajab(781425692), Mukono

8.      Musoke Noah(783903274), Iganga, Kibuku

9.      Nuwarinda Gloria(788989371), Bushenyi

10.  Robert Juuko(250785494152), Kimironko

11.  Kirabo Julius (256755085751), Wakiso

12.  Obuku Denis(256775248595), Kotido

13.  Naramabuye Mathias(256781367598), Kabale

14.  Lukyamuzi Ronald(256781553788), Mukono

15.  Byamukama Moses Bikumu(0788684240/0757559000), Kisoro

(vii),  Committee members representing central, eastern, western and northern  region.
[Two Positions per region]
1.      Wejuli Moses(077740686/0758191392), Luweero, Nakaseke

2.      Atuhaire Alex(256701043688), Kampala

3.      Atwine Solomon(70644995), Ntungamo

4.      Awich Monday Patrick(783925351), Lamwo

5.      B. T. Swaleh(704400798), Wakiso

6.      Byamukama Moses Bikumu(0788684240/0757559000), Kisoro

7.      Eneku Ronald(704205057), Wakiso, Kampala, Mukono

8.      Jingo Fred(754238438), Kayunga

9.      Jumbo Solomon (756001198), Kabarole

10.  Kayemba Richard(752821990), Masaka

11.  Kiirya Bulasiyo(759669212), Jinja

12.  Kirabo Julius (256755085751), Wakiso

13.  Kisakye John(777149644), Wakiso

14.  Langoya Olany Moses(256788282773), Kole

15.  Mateka Joseph(775718773), Mbale

16.  Mbadhi Nathan(454061581), Jinja

17.  Mtezira (704790688), Mukono

18.  Mubiru Mugereere Joshua(256782527019), Luweero, Nakasongola

19.  Mugabe Fred (771800943), Kisoro

20.  Musoke Noah(783903274), Iganga, Kibuku

21.  Namaswa Geoffrey Kibet(789796556), Kapchorwa

22.  Namayengo Madrinr(0701822627/0751629097), Masaka

23.  Ndungo .K. Elly(755692997), Mubende

24.  Ntegyereize Joan(256704562006), Bushenyi

25.  Nuwarinda Gloria(788989371), Bushenyi

26.  Nyenje John Bosco(702460137), Wakiso

27.  Obuku Denis(256775248595), Kotido

28.  Ogwal Moses(772360745), Oyam

29.  Oluka John(783620824), Abim District

30.  Pirwoth Bright(788529531), Nebbi

31.  Ssentayi Yasin Ismail (753097271), Mubende, Kampala

32.  Sukuku Timothy(256784460571), Kapchorwa

33.  Wagubi Ronald Mukisa(788212627), Bugiri

34.  Wanja Bernard(0772658752/0757658752), Masaka, Buikwe

35.  Wogisha Denis(706457905), Mbale

Other Newly – Suggested Positions:      .      i),  Coordinator 1.      Awich Monday Patrick(783925351), Lamwo

2.      Mbadhi Nathan(454061581), Jinja

3.      Kadiba Emmanuel (789692068), Tororo

4.      B. T. Swaleh(704400798), Wakiso

5.      Naramabuye Mathias(256781367598), Kabale

6.      Oluka John(783620824), Abim

       ii),  Publicity 1.      OLUKA JOHN(783620824), , Abim District


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Mobiliser / Acting Electoral Commissioner

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Uganda-ICT-Teachers-Association-THIRD-Shortlist.pdf (160 downloads)