UNEB reports to be discussed during upcoming Budo workshop

Uganda National Examinations Board is mandated to conduct summative examinations at Primary — (PLE), Lower Secondary (UCE) and Upper Secondary (UACE) levels. During marking, observations about candidates’ responses in the different papers are made by the examiners and forwarded to the Board. The observations are then compiled into a report on work of candidates (RWC).

UNEB Executive Secretary Dan N. Odongo releasing the 2017 UCE results report.

The UACE 2018 reports on work of candidates provide valuable information about candidates’ responses in all examination papers, including Computer Studies and Subsidiary ICT. It highlights questions that candidates found challenging, misconceptions that candidates had, topical areas of the curriculum not adequately covered during the course of teaching and advice to teachers on how to address the issues.

The main purpose of the RWC is to provide a feedback on candidates’ performance in the various UACE subjects. It focuses on how candidates responded to the questions set for a given subject, with emphasis on the questions the candidates found difficult. Such questions are identified and possible causes of candidates’ mistakes pointed out and expected responses in some cases given.

The RWC points out areas of the curriculum not adequately taught/covered during the course of teaching as evidenced by candidates’ poor response/answers in these content areas. It gives advice/recommendations on how such topical areas could be managed or taught better with the view to improving the teaching-learning process in general. The Board believes that the observations made in this report will guide the teaching learning process and hence improve performance.

It is hoped that both students and teachers in schools will find the information contained in this RWC useful. And also that it creates a professional avenue for teachers to share experiences on topics that students find difficult to understand.

The Need for Troubleshooting Poor Performance in ICT and Computer Studies

When the 2018 UNEB results were released, there was general poor performance in computer studies, and this means that there is a problem which we have to realize and solve as teachers. Download the UNEB reports below with detailed reports.

UCE RWC 2018: Find Computer Studies Report on Pages 228 – 240

Download “UCE Report on work of candidates 2018” UCE-Report-on-work-of-candidates-2018.pdf – Downloaded 72 times – 2 MB

UACE RWC 2018: Find Subsidiary ICT Report on Pages 205 – 224

Download “UACE Report on work of candidates 2018” UACE-Report-on-work-of-candidates-2018.pdf – Downloaded 87 times – 2 MB

It is upon this background that the ITAU organizing committee of the central region ICT Teachers Capacity Development Workshop found it important to bring the teachers of ICT together to discuss and reflect on the observations in the latest UNEB reports. The workshop is going to be at Kings College Budo on 12th September, 2019. Several examiners have also been invited to give more guidance on the various areas of weakness and what the teachers can do to improve the results in the coming years.

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