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Web development is an every-person career

Web Development is an every person career. Every person with ICT access can be a web developer if they wanted to. Please permit me direct my words to a job most people overlook as they continue browsing site by site on the internet: WEB DEVELOPMENT.

Being a developer is not easy and it even get worse when you are a web developer. As if that’s not enough it also depends on what type of web developer we’re talking about: there are front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers. The front-end web developers devote all their energy towards the visual aspect, the final version that users see on a website — i.e., the structure, although they are not web designers. The back-end web developers are those in charge of what the user cannot see: the servers and how a website processes data. Finally, the full-stack web developers, as its name indicates it, these guys are the full package. They have the complete skill set to provide a full website all by themselves.

The Popular Web Developers then

In general, front-end web developers work with different programming languages; some of them are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, among others, the list is not limited by these 3 but I list them because they are the most popular ones and their current versions are 5, 4 and ES2019 respectively. Back-end developers have more paths to take, whether it be Python, PHP, etc. According to subreddits such as /r/freelance and /r/webdev, being a web developer in 2019 or even 2020 which is only but days away, is one of the most secure options to earn a constant income, because there are so many jobs out there without anyone working on them. In fact, according to some sources, approximately 1 million software engineering jobs and anything relating to Computer Science and Web Development were offered this year 2019 without anyone actually responding. They were empty and unoccupied jobs.

If you want to work from the comfort of your house, and you’re sure you can endure the hardships of networking and finding clients associated with the freelance web development path, as well as working hard to constantly learn the new things these technologies bring every day, maybe this is the right choice for you but also if you are ready to get out and market your self and services, then just read on

The Turn-Around

After a series of trainings, code camps, meetups, boot camps, freelance networkings among others I have come to understand that website development was for hardcore coders, the likes of Eli the computer Guy ( or for days when only our teachers had the content. Guy would come in a web programming class and despise all of us as though we couldn’t learn a thing.

I was at the verge of giving up on making my own website, then boom, I met the savoir “WORDPRESS”!

WordPress proved that great sites were not for only those who could do code but actually for everyone who wanted to design websites.

Sebunya Moses (Cursor) Musoke, Nov 2019
Ssebunya Moses

WordPress proved that great sites were not for only those who could do code but actually for everyone who wanted to design websites. I have seen people design their own business sites without prior programming knowledge. Fresh beginners in the recent #wckla 2019 Word Camp were making websites and practising their online presence thanks to Mukalele Rogers @mrogers4christ and Stephen Dumba who were assisting with the domain names and hosting.

Some of the members who turned up for the #wckla
Ssebunya Moses and Stephen Ddumba in the #wckla
Ssebunya moses and Stephen Ddumba sharing with others during the #wckla
Exploring code, Ssebunya Moses, Stephen Dumba and Mukalele Rogers discussing web development

Also check out a wordpress tutorial by Stephen Dumba

I also take this moment to that Ezone web services for the free hosing plan (which can be acquired here) that has helped us to test the waters before we actually dive in. Many hosting companies were promising even what they couldn’t give and this discouraged most of the programmers and web developers.

Web Development

Ssebunya Moses enrolling for WordCamp 2019
Ssebunya Moses at #wckla
Ssebunya Moses with @charliebeau and @maryojob at #wckla
Ssebunya Moses with some of the attendies at #wckla
Ssebunya Moses with one of the attendees at wordcamp 2019
Ssebunya Moses at #wckla 2019
setting up wordpress
Moses with some of the Speakers at WordCamp Kla 2019

With all the factors in Place I realized that now WordPress and Web development is the way to GO for me. During meetups of this kind we meet several people to help us start but also who can help us get better. People here are selfless with knowledge.   You don’t have to be a web developer to come to attend WordPress meetups at Hive Colab Kamwokya.

You can choose to use the above mentioned developer methods but you too can be one of us if you choose Web Development with wordpress as your career. Please check out the about section to know more About CURSOR Technologies

Website development offer from Cursor Technologies

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