Writing Strategic Plans for your department

As a continuation of yesterday’s piece about writing, I am giving you something small, but important. I have already heard that some schools have closed and most will close this week or next week. As the year comes to an end, we usually reflect on our plans, targets and most likely, start planning for next year.

Today, we shall look at the issue of “strategic plan.” I know many ICT teachers are also heads of their Department of ICT (not ICT department as most people call it) and by that, they are also administrative heads of their departments. Have you ever prepared an IT Strategic Plan for your department?

Over the years, I have prepared many documents, for both administrative purposes and also help me get grounded with realistic targets to accomplish. Planning is good (in your head), but putting that plan into a document allows you to focus more and have a reference point. I urge you to develop a habit of documenting ideas and having the paperwork that you may need before the academic year starts. From experience, I know that when students report back to school, you have little time to do much. You move from class to class or the endless marking makes it hard to focus on other things.

You never know when you may need that document. It may be for an audit, partnership, or even funding. Strategic Plans easily show what your intentions are. Besides, it helps polish your reputation and enhance your credentials as an academician who is grounded in both practical & theoretical requirements of the teaching profession.

Please find a copy of the IT Strategic Plan here.

All the best. Apwoyo Matek.