Kasirye Labs Schedules a 3-Week Web Design Course this March

During hard times, you have two options; you either drown in your worries or pick a lesson from them. And so is the case with the year 2020 and the corona pandemic. Many schools have closed, many teachers have been rendered jobless and many students academically inactive for close to a year.

As the pandemic intensified, there was a rush by institutions to try out several online options. But it became evidently clear that managing academic issues remotely was not something you would just dive in and deliver convincingly. This is when school administrators, teachers, parents and students realised that the internet was more than e-mail, facebook and WhatsApp. It became more clear that the much ignored e-learning was a tool that would have helped our education system to continue despite the lockdown.

As teachers of ICT, we were supposed to be at the forefront of helping our schools in delivering lessons through the internet, at least for secondary schools. But this wasn’t the case and largely, because our knowledge of using and building e-learning systems or even a simple website is still limited.

Because most teachers of ICT cannot build websites, many schools tried consulting with existing web designers like E-zone Web Services but the costs seemed prohibitive for many. It is now more than clear that every ICT teacher ought to up their web design skills and therefore remain relevant in their field.

Kasirye Lab’s Web Design Class

Fortunately, one of Uganda’s finest web development agencies, Kasirye Labs has organised a 3 week web design class for beginners. Attendees will learn how to build modern and responsive websites which will help them launch their careers in web design, a field that is now on demand given the times and circumstances. The modules for this course include:

  •          Introduction to web design.
  •          Images and  Web Visualizing: Colors, images, fonts and layout
  •          Basics of HTML, HTML5 and CSS
  •          Coding with HTML5 and CSS
  •          Advanced CSS, Java Script and trends in web design
  •          Content Management Systems
  •          Creating and publishing your website.
  •          Testing and maintaining your website.
  •          Basic Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Display
  •          Web Analytics and Metrics

How to enroll for this web design class

Number to call: +256 702 340 615
Or send an email to: admin@kasiryelabs.com
Or fill in a form at: https://kasiryelabs.com/trainings/

Where and when is the course

Kasirye Labs will handle the training at their newly opened office at AHA TOWERS , 4TH FLOOR , 7 Lourdel road Nakasero in Kampala. According to the flier, the course will start on 4th March 2021 and end on 26th March 2021.

A google maps location of Aha Towers

About Kasirye Arthur

Arthur, sometimes known as Arthurian is a creative web and graphics designer with a decade of experience in building online environments for a wide range of clients. Aurthur is a committed leader in the WordPress Community of Uganda and is the brain behind WordCamp Entebbe and woo commerce meetups. Arthur has aways shared his experiences as a speaker at all WordCamps in Kampala and Entebbe and is an inspiration to many who have taken on Web Design as a profession.

Kasirye Arthur (In red Tshirt) at a Bike Tour organised by the WordPress Comunity in Uganda.

With a list of creative projects under his sleeve, Arthur is a force to reckon with when it comes to creating a visible online presence for your church, hotel, school or any form of business. It is therefore obvious that learning under his tutorship can level you up to par with industry standards and help you solidify your launch into the web design business.

In conclusion, I would recommend this course if you want to start a career in web design. A 2 day training at WordCamp Kampala 2019 catapulted me into the game when just after 2 months, I shared my experience at WordCamp Entebbe on Arthur’s invitation. With this limited training, I eventually partnered with Mukalele Rogers and we started E-zone Web Services which already has a rich portfolio to its name. I believe beyond doubt that a 3 week training would take you far ahead and perhaps give you an alternative source of income alongside your teaching job.