Participants CD Content and Complete Photo Gallery for KAWA – UCC – MoES ICT Teachers Retooling Mbale SS workshop

The ICT/Computer Studies Teachers workshop was conducted at Mbale SS last week. Over 100 teachers got an ultimate opportunity to meet for five days and network, discuss and share various teaching and learning experiences. At the end of the workshop, the participants were given certificates and Compact Disks (CDs). The CDs had over 683MBs of data, which included Facilitator presentations, software like bluegriffon and
DevC which was used during the workshop, some tutorials and ebooks, workshop pictures and other resources like a Support Files Compilation .
You can download the CD content (excluding the content whose download links have been provided above and photos in the gallaries below) through the following download button: NB:You may need to login here first in order to access the download, some of the content is private to members only.

CD Content KAWA ICT Teachers Retooling MbaleSS May 2018 (93 downloads )


Photo Gallery