2020 Predictions: ICT Teachers’ workshops to attend next year

Members of the ICT Teachers Association in a Capacity Development Workshop

The ICT Teachers Association of Uganda undoubtedly had an eventful year in 2019. From the online voting of executives in March, the Capacity Development Workshops in all 4 regions, WordCamps and several ICT gatherings, the association registered the most successful year since its inception in 2017.

As the executive ponders its next move in the interests of the members, a sitting of the NEC proposed several country wide activities that will see the association go even closer to its members.

ITAU NEC Members L-R: Mr. Eneku Ronald, Mr. Ssensalire Rajab, Mr. Kakaire Charles, Mr. Eneku Ronald, Mr. Mubedhe Nicholas and Mr. Mukalele Rogers after concluding a Planning meeting on 12th December 2019 at Uganda House, Kampala.

As teachers of ICT, we are under obligation to up our skills because we are responsible for nurturing future talent in this field. It is also undeniable that unlike many subjects, the subject of ICT is too dynamic. New ways of doing the same thing keep coming up, new software keeps coming while existing software and hardware is always updated.

It is against this background that the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda keeps organising workshops while looking out for others organized by related agencies. This year, the ICT Teachers’ Association is organising a couple of workshops and encouraging members to attend related workshops even those not organized by ITAU.

In this article, I hint on the workshops already put in the queue and what they could cost.

Tentative ITAU 2020 WorkPlan

1.    National Capacity Development Workshop (~50,000/=)

The National Capacity Development Workshop will be a 2 or 3-day workshop and will be probably be held in Kampala. This workshop will most probably handle the new ICT syllabus, pedagogy, computer lab management and other challenging topics in both the O and A level syllabi.

Mr. Eneku Ronald takes delegates through a session at the National Capacity Development Workshop at Kololo SS in 2019.
Mr. Eneku Ronald takes delegates through a session at the National Capacity Development Workshop at Kololo SS in 2019.

This being election year for ITAU, elections for a new executive will also be handled during this workshop.

Certificates for the outgoing executive, certificates of appreciation to our host schools and past facilitators will also be handed to recipients. A high level government official is expected to officiate at the handover and give a keynote speech to delegates.

Delegates might part with about 50,000/= although the official figure will be communicated in due course.

2.    Central Region Capacity Development Workshop (~30,000/=)

This workshop will mainly cater for members from Buganda region although attendance is open to anyone. This workshop might be held in Masaka according to preliminary suggestions.

Regional workshops like this are intended to bring the ITAU workshops closer to teachers who could have missed the national workshop. At such 1-day workshops, a topic agreed upon is given special attention so that delegates get a deeper understanding.

Last year’s central region workshop was held at King’s College, Budo and was attended by over 100 delegates.

Ms. Noeline and Mr. Moses Wejuli at the registration desk of the Capacity Development Workshop at King's College Budo in 2019.
Ms. Noeline and Mr. Moses Wejuli at the registration desk of the Capacity Development Workshop at King’s College Budo in 2019.

Delegates could part with 30,000/= to attend this workshop although the venue is still being discussed.

3.    Eastern Region Capacity Development Workshops (~30,000/=)

In contrast to a single workshop that was hosted by Busoga College, Mwiri last year, the Eastern region will this time get two regional workshops.

Also open to anyone, teachers in the Eastern region who could have missed the national workshop will benefit from 2 venues. Tentatively, one workshop will be held in Mbale while another is planned for in Soroti.

This workshop will also probably cost 30,000/= but the final word will be communicated as preparations take shape.

4.    Northern Region Capacity Development Workshops (~30,000/=)

The Northern region has traditionally been champions in the field of ICT, thanks to the unwavering passion of the teachers there like Mr. Angoda Emmanuel who is now on scholarship in Ireland.

This region will also have 2 workshop intended to bring the gospel and togetherness of ITAU closer to teachers in the region. Understandably, not many from this region are able to attend the National Capacity Development Workshop in Kampala.

It’s the reason why this year, 2 workshops have been lined up in this region with one planned in West Nile and another in Gulu. Last year’s Northern region workshop was hosted by Dr. Obote College in Boroboro.

Teachers will part with about 30,000/= to attend these workshops which will also be a 1-day affair.

5.    Western Region Capacity Development Workshops (~30,000/=)

The Western region is another wide region that borders the North and runs up to the border with Rwanda. With a tight budget, it makes it tricky for a teacher from Kisoro to make it to Kampala for the national Capacity Development Workshop. The solution is to bring ITAU workshops closer.

Like the Eastern and Northern regions, this region will also have 2 workshops in order to cater for those who might fail to make it to the national meet.

Last year, the task of hosting the Western region workshop landed on Kyebambe Girls and the event was a success.

Like all regional workshops, this 1-day workshop is also likely to cost about 30,000/=.

6.    WordCamp Entebbe (~20,000/=)

For those who wish to hone their web design skills or wish to venture into professional web design, a WordCamp is the perfect event. WordCamps are usually 2 or 3 day conferences where WordPress enthusiasts and absolute beginners meet and talk everything WordPress.

Last year in March, the first WordCamp in Entebbe was held at Nkumba University and was attended by many members of the ITAU community.

Mr. Mukalele Rogers addressing delegates at WordCamp Entebbe in 2019.
Mr. Mukalele Rogers addressing delegates at WordCamp Entebbe in 2019.

This year, another WordCamp in Entebbe is surely on the menu and delegates might part with only 20,000/= since it is heavily subsidized by the international WordPress community.

The good thing with WordCamps is that by the end of the event, delegates leave with enough skill to build a professional website.

7.    WordCamp Jinja (~20,000/=)

The Jinja WordCamp will be just like any other WordCamp. 2 or 3 days of WordPress to kick-start absolute beginners with side sessions to cater for the experts.

Jinja WordPress meetup banner.
Jinja WordPress meetup banner.

This will be the first ever WordCamp in Jinja and is the brain child of one of ITAU’s prominent members, Rogers Mukalele. Like all other WordCamps, this one will also be heavily subsidized by the international WordPress community allowing delegates to part with only 20,000/= for the 3 days with meals, and T-shirts provided.

8.    WordCamp Kampala (~20,000/=)

WordCamp Kampala has been around for 3 years now and as usual is likely to take place at the end of Term III.

Dumba Stephen handling a beginners session at WordCamp Kampala 2019.
Dumba Stephen (In white T-shirt) handling a beginners session at WordCamp Kampala 2019

Personally, my first WordCamp was in November 2018 which helped me launch my web design career with my first site in January of 2019. I was privileged to share my experience as speaker at WordCamp Entebbe in March 2019. A video of my talk can be found on WordPress TV.

Attending WordCamp Kampala also helped me create a partnership with Rogers Mukalele which led to the launch of our web design and hosting agency, E-zone Web Services which now boasts of over 100 clients.

Teachers of ICT are specifically encouraged to attend WordCamps to help them meet practitioners of the some of the things we teach in school. Some pro web designers I have met at WordCamps and have helped me sharpen my skills are Authur Kasirye of Kasirye Labs, Buhiirwa Laurence of www.omukiguy.com, Kuloba Hussein of Virtue Tech Systems and Hamza of www.gotechug.com. Apart from webdesign, I have also benefited from the services of Cerina Nalwoga of Trillion Ventures, a business development agency and a partnership with the Cherie Wilshire Foundation on a mission to transform lives of disadvantaged communities..


It is in your hands to choose which of the events to choose. Either way, attending such workshops is undoubtedly beneficial for one’s professional development. You are encouraged to plan early, notify your bosses in time and save for the events of your choice.

Stephen Dumba
E-zone School of Computing
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