Solution to: Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can be installed to GPT disks.

I personally have used this troubleshoot. This involves time : First of all, you have to enter your BIOS settings by pressing F2/F10/Delete/Escape button immediately and repeatedly (this depends on your system) after powering on your system. Then find a setting named boot options. Under this you have to enable both legacy and UEFI boot option. Now, if you’re using a pen drive (flash disk) to install […]

Examiners Reports on Computer Studies and Subsidiary ICT UNEB 2017 Work of Candidates

The 2017 UCE and UACE Reports on Work of Candidates (RWC) analyse in detail candidates’ performance in the UCE examination. The main purpose of the reports is to provide feedback (backwash) on the candidates’ performance in the subjects they sat during the UCE examination. Focus is on how the candidates responded to the questions set for […]

Installing Ncomputing X550 on Windows 7

IntroductionI have always installed NComputing X550 on Windows XP (Service Pack 2) since 2011. My first attempt at trying it on Windows 7 fell flat. I consulted a couple of ‘experts’ on this and I was convinced that NComputing X550 was designed strictly for Windows XP. I tried contacting the technical support department of NComputing […]

NEWS: UCC partners with KAWA in formation of ICT Clubs in schools

Using its Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF) program, UCC has engaged Kisubi Associated Writers Agency (KAWA)  to facilitate the formation of school ICT CLUBs. This is a pilot project based on research made by partner universities for 1 year in 20 selected schools country wide. It is a scalable project that is projected to reach […]