About Us

We, the members of “UGANDA ICT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, hereafter referred
to as (UITA)”,


that we have a constitutional right of freedom of assembly, association and
expression and thus capable of joining this association as enshrined in
section 29 subsection 1 (e) of the Constitution of Uganda
and that the establishment, activities and management of associations
should be in conformity with the the Constitution and Laws of Uganda,


the low levels of ICT literacy, the high demand for ICT skills as a major
requirement for employment, the unequal access to basic ICT training
resources and the need to reduce the digital divide in the country.

of the challenges to our work as teachers of Computer Studies and ICT in
Ugandan schools.


that the responsibility to better our knowledge, skills and address some of
our challenges lies within ourselves cooperating at all levels.


to work tirelessly together to support the community of ICT teachers to
innovatively improve in our methods of work, thereby promoting ICT
education and increasing computer literacy in Uganda. This we shall do
through coordinated discussion platforms, workshops, seminars, events,
national ICT competitions, debates, regular meetings, member guidance and
counselling, resource sharing, projects and financial contributions.