• There shall be 5 categories of membership, ordinary membership, bona-fide membership, institutional membership, affiliate membership and honorary membership.
  • To become a member of ITAU, one needs to follow the steps below:
  •   Fill in the membership application form with all the information required.
  •  Submit the form and all the required documents to the ITAU Secretariat. The delivery can be done physically to the office or online.


(i) Ordinary Membership

  1. A teacher of ICT or ICT related course in any school/institution in Uganda qualifies to be an ordinary member of ITAU. Ordinary members shall;
  2. Be connected to join the general network of ICT Teachers
  3. Be free to share information appropriate information on the various ITAU fora / platforms they are part of; provided that the information they share does not contradict the policies of ITAU.
  4. Attend training courses, seminars and workshops that may be arranged by the ITAU;

(ii) Bona fide Membership

An ordinary member can become a full bona fide member of ITAU after paying an annual subscription fee set by the ITAU executive for a given year. (The see for details and how to pay). NB: The funds collected from members subscription is the members free-will support to ITAU towards Association programs and full for this fund is accountability to be included in accounts during the ITAU AGM.

Bona fide members shall

  • Have the right to vote in the Associations’ elections; to elect or be elected to any of ITAU leadership position unless otherwise provided in the constitution;
  • Having higher rights as enshrined in the constitution e.g to propose amendments, move a vote of no confidence as per section 5.5 of the constitution, hold the executives to account for any ITAU programs / activities etc.
  • Getting publishing rights on the ITAU website to be able to write articles and also sell products through the ITAU shop.
  • Being added to a special bona fides mailing list to get access to prime ITAU resources and opportunities like jobs, scholarships and special considerations to facilitate workshops and trainings.
  • Can get letter of recommendation from ITAU when needed for career advancement.
  • Special consideration / free entry to some ITAU professional development programs/ activities such as workshops, meetups which will be organized from time to time in different regions across the country.
  • Special recognition and listing as a bona fide member in the ITAU records / website.
  • Have access to the bona-fides welfare fund as guided by the welfare policy which will be instituted by the executive committee.
  • (iii)       Institutional Membership

This membership classification provides the opportunity for a school, company or organization to support the activities of ITAU and at the same time benefit from a variety of products/ services of the association as well as recognition. The dues rate for Institutional membership will be set by the ITAU Executive Committee from time to time. Some of the benefits that come with ITAU Institutional Membership include:

  • Designation of individuals to get access to special ITAU publications and services
  • Complimentary registration slots at the ITAU Capacity Development Workshop or AGM.
  • 50% off exhibit table space at the ITAU Conferences.
  • Non-ITAU members affiliated with the Institutional Member company/organization may attend ITAU workshops at member rates
  • Complimentary placement of organization’s promotional material on ITAU publications, website and Institutional Membership recognition in the Association’s Membership Directory

(iv) Affiliate Membership

Any other person desiring to be a member of the Association and who in the opinion of the NEC does not fall under any of the categories specified in this section (i), (ii) above shall be granted affiliate membership upon approval by the Committee upon payment of an annual subscription set by the committee.

(v) Honorary Membership:

Honorary members are distinguished or prominent persons who have contributed greatly towards ITAU’s objectives, mission and vision, or whose membership could add prestige to or advance the interests of the Association.

The NEC may appoint a honorary member to the role of “Honorary Patron” of ITAU for a stipulated period. An Honorary Patron shall be someone who, due to his/her public achievement, exemplification of outstanding leadership, and stature in society, can help ITAU achieve its mission by enhancing the institute’s credibility, and by modeling different ideals of leadership. An Honorary Patron will not be required pay any fees or bear any liabilities on behalf of ITAU, will have no voting rights, will not be an executive member or have any direct authority over the association, but may play advisory role.


(ii)      A member may Cease to be a member in the following circumstances:

  • When a member resigns from ITAU by notice submitted to the Secretary General.  The resignation shall take effect from the date of receipt of the notification by the Secretary General.
  • Becoming of unsound mind
  • The Executive Committee may by resolution dismiss a member
  • Ceases to be a teacher occasioned by death, retirement or switch of occupation or otherwise.


  • (i) Every member of ITAU shall be required to respect all the organs of the Association established in the Constitution and their decisions.
  • (ii) Every member shall abide and bind oneself by the letter and spirit of this Constitution.
  • (iii) Every member shall have a duty to protect, promote, and preserve the integrity of this Constitution.


  • By the willful act of taking up membership of the Association every member covenants and shall be deemed to have covenanted with the Organization and its other members present and future to honour and abide by this Constitution of ITAU as adopted.