(i)      Membership to the Association shall be open to all ICT and Computer Studies teachers in Uganda.

(ii)     Membership to the Association shall be free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation and physical or mental disability.


  1. A person currently teaching computer studies or subsidiary ICT in any school in Uganda shall be an ordinary member of ITAU.
  2. An ordinary member shall become a ‘Bona fide member upon payment of annual subscription fee as shall be determined from time to time by the ITAU NEC and approved by the AGM. UPDATE: Read here for more about the General Executive resolution to set UGX 5,000 as the annual subscrition fee for bonafide members plus the various benefits exclusive for bonafides.
  3. Former teachers shall be granted associate membership, upon payment of an annual fee determined by the NEC. Such membership will be considered and approved by the NEC.
  4. Any other person desiring to be a member of the Association and who in the opinion of the NEC does not fall under any of the categories specified in this section (i), (ii) or (iii) above shall be granted affiliate membership upon approval by the Committee.
  5. NEW: Read more here about ITAU SACCO membership, its benefits and how to join.


Members of ITAU shall have the following rights:-

  • Every member shall have the right to vote in the Associations’ elections;
  • Every member shall have access to the facilities and services offered by ITAU provided that such access shall not be through unlawful means such as unauthorized access or misuse of the facilities / services;
  • Every member shall have a right to create an account on the joint ITAU website / with content publishing permissions;
  • Every member shall have a right to be added to the ITAU contacts database and mailing lists, to get correspondences, and access to all member contacts provided they are to be utilized in observance of computer ethics;
  • Every member shall be free to join the ITAU SACCO and get access to the financial services provided by the SACCO as established its constitution;
  • Every member shall have the right to take part in all activities and enjoy all facilities of ITAU without hindrance, unless otherwise provided in this Constitution;
  • Participate in the proceedings of the General Meetings;
  • Attend training courses, seminars and workshops that may be arranged by the ITAU;
  • To elect or be elected to any of ITAU leadership position unless otherwise provided in the constitution;
  • To be elected, nominated or appointed to be a delegate or representative of ITAU in any fora;
  • To express their opinion in any proper and appropriate means in any ITAU meetings or any other fora where ITAU has interest; provided that the opinion does not contradict the policies of ITAU.


  • (i) Every member of ITAU shall be required to respect all the organs of the Association established in the Constitution and their decisions.
  • (ii) Every member shall abide and bind oneself by the letter and spirit of this Constitution.
  • (iii) Every member shall have a duty to protect, promote, and preserve the integrity of this Constitution.


Membership shall cease where one:

(i)     Resigns from ITAU by notice submitted to the Secretary General.  The resignation shall take effect from the date of receipt of the notification by the Secretary General.

(ii)    Ceases to be a teacher occasioned by death, retirement or switch of occupation or otherwise.


4.1     THE ORGANS

The organs of ITAU shall be as follows:

  • The National Executive Committee (NEC).
  • The Regional Committees (RCs).
  • Annual General Meeting.