Attribution Page

A special thanks goes to the following for the contributions towards the Association, supporting its growth since inception.

Contributions towards website establishment

In March 2018, funds were needed for domain name registration and website hosting for the first year March 2018 – March 2019. The following members fundraised through the ICT Teachers WhatsApp groups.


Name Tel Amount
Wagubi Ronald Mukisa 256788212627 10000
Paul Gobera 256774261015 10000
Simon Peter Kanyike 256702855350 10,000
 TIMOTHY KIYINGI 256706750950 5,000
Hussein Najjuma 256774990263 4000
RICHARD LUGYA 256774036040 20,000
NICHOLUS MUNYAGWA 256787277091 20000
TUUME BRENDAN 256700402423 5,000
MATOVU PETER 256701300462 10,000
MOSES WEJULI 256777406868 5000
Bashir Markos I 256701606475 11,000
Nantwasi Florence 256777045836 6,000
RONALD  ENEKU 256704205057 20,000
Paul Bazira 256782189318 10000
Mukalele Rogers 256776960740 4,000
Total   150000


Fundrasing for the Legal review of constitution and its Registration with URSB

In October 2018, we had a constraint of lack of funds in the treasury yet there was need to hire legal experts to review and register the ITAU constitution. The NEC met and  resolved that some fundrasing be made, first by the NEC members themselves, and then the general member fratenity. The following members made the contributions.

NameTelSchool / AddressContribution
Charles Kakaire702840404Busoga College Mwiri50000
Jackline Nambone 755395320Nsambya Emmanuel Coll. Kazo50000
Rogers Mukalele 776960740Kololo SS100000
Florence Nantwasi 777045836*
Kichui Shadrack Enock773749786Janan SS Bombo20000
Julius Nyendwoha 776931367Light College Katikamu100000
Eneku Ronald 704205057Uphill College, Mbuya40000
Ntale Denis 771 063684Avema SS Mityana10000
Gobera Paul774261015St. Mary’s Nkozi20000
Backri Johnny Oluka 783620824Morulem Girls SS – ABIM 10000
Wanja Benard772658752St. Stephen Col Bajja50000
Atwine Solomon706449995Nsambya hillside high school10000
Kirabira Vincent 708277580Children At Risk Action Network30000
Barbara Sacher782019140Luweero Diocese Education Department50000

Executives fundrasing towards SACCO establishement costs

In February 2019, funds were required for buying the SACCO bylaws and paying the SACCO registration fee. The executive members, through thier private whatsapp group, quietly fund raised, and below are the contributions which were made through direct deposits to our National Tresurer’s mobile money account:

NameContribution made
Mukalele Rogers20,000
Wejuli Moses10,000
Mubiru Joshua20,000
Ssensalire Rajab20,000
Eneku Ronald20,000*
Happy Immaculate10,000
Maloni Rosemary20,000
Mutyaba Daniel10,000
Kibirige Peter10,000
Dumba Stephen10,000
Kahwa James10,000
Tweheyo John10,000*