Projects and Activities

The objectives of the Association are:

1. To serve the Uganda ICT Teachers community in its pursuit of teaching
excellence, awareness, harmony and professionalism;

2. To be the voice of its members and provide a meaningful address of ICT
teachers concerns and perspectives through the principle of democratic

3. To foster observance of shared goals and ideals of ICT Teachers in

4. To gather, disseminate and mutually exchange information about members
and their activities in the fields of education, research, innovation,
strategic and development plans and services;

5. To identify and make known the educational and related needs and
challenges that teachers face in Ugandan schools, as far as practicable,
source, mobilize and co-ordinate ways and means whereby those needs and
challenges may be addressed;

6. To contribute toward the promotion of ICT education in Uganda, in order
to assist its members to improve professionally, by organizing workshops,
seminars, events and projects.

7. To ensure that the association’s activities achieve their maximum

8. To promote the spirit of unity, togetherness and humanity among its
members through social engagements and discussion platforms.

9. To raise funds through lawful means for purposes of achieving the aims
and objectives of the association.

10. To link the ICT Teachers community to different opportunities.

11. To develop and maintain a website or other publications in which ICT
Teachers can express their views, thoughts and creative talents.

12. To uphold this constitution and undertake any other activity which does
not conflict with the constitution or any other law or regulation in force
or as laid down in the laws of Uganda and which are beneficial to the

13. Such other objectives as shall be relevant to the furtherance of the
aims of the Association.