Transmission Modes in Computer Networks

Transmission Modes in Computer Networks Transmission mode refers to the mechanism of transferring of data between two devices connected over a network. It is also called Communication Mode. These modes direct the direction of flow of information. There are three types of transmission modes. They are: Simplex Mode Half duplex Mode Full duplex Mode Transmission […]

My Take on Rogers Mukalele and ICT Teachers Association of Uganda

Since the introduction of Subsidiary ICT on the A-level curriculum in 2012, one person that has consistently pushed for the betterment of ICT secondary school sub sector is Rogers Mukalele. Rogers, as he is fondly called has been my own personal inspiration and a guiding light to the Uganda ICT teachers. He has been able […]

Common Excel errors and how to correct them

Ezone School of Computing

Ms. Excel is a powerful tool for collecting and manipulating data. Released in 1985, Excel has grown into arguably the most popular spreadsheet software on the planet. Whether you are managing a simple sales list, budgeting or grading student performance, Excel has proved itself handy for individuals, small and even large enterprises. A working knowledge […]

1st AGM 2018: Interim ITAU National Executive Committee 2018/2019 Constituted

Welcome back from the National ICT Teachers Capacity Development Workshop 2018! Over 120 teachers from all parts of the country graced the event. The teachers spent two days (5th and 6th September) at Kololo SS discussing and sharing new trends and resources in Desktop Publishing, Website Designing, Elementary Programming, Databases, Evaluation and Assessment, School ICT Club […]