Dear MTN, Here is My Wish for 2021

14 years ago, after uncountable unsuccessful attempts at securing a job, I started running a small secretarial business in Nabbingo. In our first month of existence, the business had saved only 60,000/=. Everyday after work, I would place the day’s sales on top of the fridge in the home where I used to stay in […]

Official MoES Circular on Opening of Schools for Non Candidate Classes

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Sports on 9th February 2021 issued a circular on dates for Opening of Education Institutions For Non-Candidates Classes and Non-Finalists For Academic Year 2020, which had been earlier announced by on 4th February evening by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during his address on covid-19 pandemic and […]

Does a School Really Need a Website?

Ever since I and my colleague Rogers Mukalele launched E-zone Web Services, our web design agency, we have managed to gathera rich portfolio of websites to our name. For those who don’t know us, I and Mukalele are teachers of ICT by profession each with more than a decade of teaching Computer Studies and ICT in secondary schools here in […]

Kasirye Labs Schedules a 3-Week Web Design Course this March

During hard times, you have two options; you either drown in your worries or pick a lesson from them. And so is the case with the year 2020 and the corona pandemic. Many schools have closed, many teachers have been rendered jobless and many students academically inactive for close to a year. As the pandemic […]