A Facebook Tool everyone must know in 2020

President Yoweri Museveni ordered a nationwide ‘lock down’ on March 30 2020, to combat the emerging COVID-19 epidemic. The measures were implemented with little warning, coming into force within hours of the president’s announcement.

On the negative point of view, many Ugandans have been faced with the challenges brought about by this so called LOCKDOWN, many school girls have gotten pregnant, people lack food to eat and above all many have lost jobs especially Teachers whose source of income, schools have not yet re-opened by the time i write this article and thats exactly what this post is all about.

Most people spend most of their time on Facebook but Did you know you can apply for a Job on Facebook during this lockdown? Well if you weren’t aware then i will be showing you how to search and apply for jobs on Facebook and i just realized most people don’t know about this but making use of the Facebook application to look for a job is pretty much easy and quick.

Since most people like me cannot spend a day without Facebook it’s actually an ideal place to look for a job and so now let me put you guys through on how to get a job on Facebook and build and write a proper CV or curriculum vitae for you to be attractive and for people to easily assign you that dream job of yours that will push you through this COVID-19 season.

First what we need to do is to go ahead and open our Facebook application and make sure you log in.

A facebook Homepage

The next thing we shall do is to tap the 3 dots at the top right corner of your news feed page like this

You will quickly gain access to the various Facebook tools among which you can get the “Jobs” tool, Click it and lets continue.

Now when you hit the jobs tab you will gain access to all the available job listings around your area, from this page you can also customize which kinds of jobs you want to be notified about, the area the job is situated, the salary among others, its your choice.

Now Lets assume Iam interested in the first job on this page and that is “Data Agents” posted by “HAPPY DATA Center, Mbale”, Lets see how i will apply for it.

After tapping on the job Name, this is the screen that pops out and i will go ahead and hit “APPLY NOW”

A Form will then pop up asking me to fill it with my personal details, working experience, educational background and all that is needed for one to be able to access a job, fill it and click send. You must also be aware that some jobs may require you to visit an external website in order for you to fully complete the application process.

Upon submission, Facebook will give you a notification assuring you that they have submitted your application to the employer and you will be contacted by them as soon as they recognize you as a suitably qualified candidate for the position advertised.

Thats all i had for you today, more yet on the way, if you would like more from me and the video explaining How to apply for a Job through Facebook please subscribe to my youtube channel in no time through this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nYUBeVzT5k , i promise to always deliver content you will enjoy.

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