Upcoming Sharebility Edu-ICT Integration and Website Publishing Workshops!

These events are a can't-miss opportunity for teachers looking to integrate ICT into classroom and school management, and to master the skill of website design and publishing.

Exciting news for educators nationwide! After conducting the Central Uganda and Western Uganda Workshops in Feb and March 2024 successfully, Sharebility Uganda is thrilled to announce two upcoming workshops in Northern Uganda and Eastern Uganda, dedicated to enhancing ICT skills in education. These events are a can’t-miss opportunity for teachers looking to integrate ICT into classroom and school management, and to master the skill of website design and publishing.

Workshop Details

1. Northern Uganda Workshop:

  • When: Saturday, 20th April – Sunday, 21st April 2024
  • Where: Wisdom High School, Akalo – Kole (Lango Sub Region)
  • Activities: This workshop will feature hands-on sessions on web design fundamentals, HTML basics, and the use of VS-Code. Participants will also engage in networking and resource sharing, and attempt a UNEB sample assessment item on website design.
  • Download Invitation Letter

2. Eastern Uganda Workshop:

  • When: Saturday, 4th May – Sunday, 5th May 2024
  • Where: Soroti Secondary School, Soroti Town – Teso Sub Region
  • Activities: The workshop will cover topics from ICT integration in classroom and administrative work to building and publishing a dynamic school website using WordPress. Additional sessions will focus on using Excel and Office software for managing student results and report cards.
  • Download Invitation Letter [PDF]

Why You Should Attend

Each two-day workshop is designed to equip educators with practical, in-demand digital skills. These skills are essential for the modern educational environment and will enable participants to effectively manage digital resources and platforms for their schools.

Registration and Fees

  • Fee: UGX 60,000 for the full two days, or UGX 40,000 for one day, covering workshop materials, internet, certificates, meals, and refreshments.
  • Accommodation: Participants will need to arrange their own accommodation.
  • Registration: Secure your spot by registering at Sharebility Trainings and completing your registration by the Friday before each workshop. Special group registrations are available for staff from the same school.

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your skills, network with fellow educators, and take your teaching capabilities to the next level. Let’s meet up and share in the spirit of ‘Have to Give’.

Highlights of Central Region Workshop held at Kyambogo College Held on 16th Feb 2024 :

Highlights of Western Region Workshop held at Mbarara SS on 8th March 2024

For more information, please contact the organizers us at 0776960740 / 0701138719 or email director@sharebility.net.

We look forward to welcoming you to one (or both!) of these enriching workshops.

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