All is set for the 6-day Headteachers’ ICT Retooling Workshop at St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende Supported by UCC and Ministry of Education and Sports

Headteachers of primary and secondary schools in the districts of Mpigi, Gomba and Butambala converge at St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende for a 6-day retooling in the use of ICTs.

The workshop, organised by Uganda Communications Commission and the Ministry of Education and Sports is intended to acclimatize headteachers with new trends in the use of ICTs in school management and the entire teaching and learning process.

The 6-day workshop will be graced by distinguished facilitators in the field of ICT in education. The team of facilitators led by Ayub Kalule Golooba of Nabisunsa Girls’ School include Mukalele Rogers of Makerere University, Nsubuga Hood of Kibuli SS, Matovu David of UCC Tororo, Banda Lucy of Mengo SS. Dumba Stephen of E-zone School of Computing and Wogisha Denis of Bugisu High School.

The ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda is well represented by a team of executives including Dumba Stephen who comes with a wealth of experience in the management of computer labs. Mr. Wogisha Denis, the chairman Eastern Region ICT Teachers Association of Uganda will guide school administrators through the official student management portals.

The headteacher of the host school, St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende Mrs. Ddamulira Teddy Nassiwa said the workshop is expected to be attended by 500 headteachers from the 3 districts of Mpigi, Gomba and Butambala.

Mrs. Ddamulira Teddy Nassiwa, headteacher St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende.

Asked about the objectives of the workshop, Mrs. Ddamulira Teddy Nassiwa the host headteacher had this to say.

To appreciate the role ICTs play in schools in the current era.
To share experiences and best practices regarding the use of ICTs in schools.
Gaining vital ICT skills which administrators need to enhance their work

Mrs. Ddamulira Teddy Nassiwa

St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende is a mixed secondary school located 21 km from Kampala along Masaka Road in the district of Mpigi. With a student population of over 1,000, the Catholic founded school was founded in 1967 with Mr. Paul Kigozi as its first headteacher.Click here to visit the host school website

According to the school website, former headteachers of St. Maria Goretti SSS Katende are, in order, Mr. Paul Kigozi, Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, Mr. Kitts Kyambadde, Mr. Ntanganzwa Aloysious, Dr Kivumbi D., Miss D. Namusoke, Rev. Fr. Kassajja Mathias, Mr. Kyasanku Charles, Mr. Ssettimba Kato, Reginah Laboke and Rev. Sr. Justin Paul Kyalikunda.

Stephen Dumba - ICT Teachers Association of Uganda

Stephen Dumba is the co-ordinator Central Region ICT Teachers Association of Uganda and Director E-zone School of Computing. Besides teaching, he is a veteran Computer Repair Technician, a Web Designer and a regular speaker at tech events and teachers’ workshops.
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